Viacom Bring Back Streaming Comedy Central Shows

The spat between cable company Viacom, and satellite provider DirecTV that means 20 million subscribers have lost access to Comedy Central, five channels of Nickelodeon, MTV and MTV2, TV Land, CMT, BET, Centric, and VH1, has been semi-resolved as some content is back online.

Daily Show returns to web

Viacom made the decision to remove the popular content from the web saying it was, “acting in retaliation to a website put up by DirecTV urging customers to find Viacom programming from channels like Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon online.”

However the company have today put back online episodes of MTV’s Teen Wolf, Comedy Central’s Daily Show and the Colbert Report saying that the decision was made because of all new episodes of the shows being available.

Viacom said in a blog post, “Despite reports last week that we had pulled all our full episode content from the web, we still have literally thousands of full episodes available online for free, and we brought The Daily Show and Colbert back online to coincide with their return with new episodes,”

The post continued, “We hope this is helpful to our fans with DIRECTV who have yet to switch to a cable/satellite provider that carries Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, BET and all our 26 networks.”

Even TV stars are getting involved in the dispute with Daily Show host John Stewart saying the spat is a, “basic cable Arab Spring.” and claiming that Viacom removing content from the internet was like a move from China’s communist government.

He said that ultimately both companies would lose out as it was, “just giving people a chance to discover there is other entertaining shit in the world. Shows, movies, board games, The Bible, masturbation”.

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