VEVO TV Launches 24 Hour Streaming Music Channel

If you’re one of those people that used to like watching MTV when it was a music channel, before it became clogged up with reality shows. You will be pleased to hear that Sony owned Vevo have launched a similar music channel called VEVO TV.

Vevo-TVThe new channel will play a selection of pre-programmed videos that can be played on a number of devices including computers, iOS mobile products, Android, Windows phones, tablets, consoles, and internet streaming boxes such as Roku.

Vevo has previously been a part of Youtube supplying music videos, but are now planning to join the ranks of MTV and VH1 supplying 24 hour music to cable and satellite customers.

Programming on VEVO TV will be delivered in one hour sections of HD video that will be themed by Vevo personnel. Content will include concerts, original programming, and just music video.

Maybe users are getting sick of choosing music and want it fed to them on a plate, as CEO of Vevo Rio Caraeff said. “There is still a time and place when you just want to have something programmed.”

He continued, “You don’t want to lean forward every three minutes to pick another video, you just want it to play.”

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