VEVO and Spotify Come To Roku Set-top-boxes

For those who received a Roku device as a holiday gift, you might want to see if there are any updates for your firmware. On Thursday Roku detailed on its official blog that two new music applications are coming to the Roku Channel Store. Both Spotify and VEVO can be installed on your Roku device which will provide music fanatics access to over 50,000 music videos created by a cool 11,000 artists.

roku-spotify-vevoVEVO also brings to users the functionality of live video concerts and even provides a list of staff recommendations to help users discover new videos based on their interests. Spotify comes with similar functionality that users have come to love including the ability to search for music through a variety of search functions like album, artist or even song titles. Spotify also comes with the ability to browse for top rated tracks within a specific region.

For Spotify, the new application is only available for Roku 2 players and the new Roku Streaming Stick. According to the company support for the Roku HD and Roku LT is being developed. Meanwhile VEVO is available for all Roku 2, Roku HD, and Roku LT players. VEVO is also supported on the Roku Streaming Stick.

An update for the Roku mobile app also adds new functionality for those who own Roku devices. Updated to 2.1 the mobile app allows users to use a Play on Roku feature that will stream your music and photos from any Android iOS device straight to your Roku set-top-box. The mobile app can now also identify multiple Roku set-to-boxes within the same household, making for an easier user experience across the board.


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