Under The Dome Coming To TV With Stephen King CBS Deal

It appears as though NBC aren’t the only network looking to take on a TV show idea based on a famed book or author, after Stephen King novel Under the Dome was recently announced as a planned adapted new series for CBS.

Being committed to 13 episodes on a ‘straight-to-series’ basis, CBS Television Studios will serve as the production arm on the project in co-operation with Steven Spielberg-owned Amblin Television.

The novel, which was released in 2009 based on an idea that King had tried to develop in the 1970’s, surrounds a small town in the state of Maine that is literally ‘surrounded’ by a giant transparant dome, and leaves residents forced to figure out what has happened to them.

CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said of their newest confirmed addition to the schedule: “This is a great novel coming to the television screen with outstanding auspices and in-season production values to create a summer programming event. We’re excited to transport audiences Under the Dome and into the extraordinary world that Stephen King has imagined.”

While a TV adaptation to the book had originally been touted for CBS-owned cable network Showtime, the series will now get a chance to debut on the main channel in ‘summer 2013′ with a pilot episode led by Danish director Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), while Brian K. Vaughan (Lost) has been responsible for the ‘adaptation’ process and will remain with the show as an executive producer.

While it is a long-held plotline by King based on the ‘domed city’ science fiction concept (an idea that has been featured in literature since the 19th century), and the CBS production is a live-action one which will in no way rival the genre of animation, how long will it be before viewers piece together respective release dates and note that ‘The Simpsons did it’?

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  1. Johnnie Walker
    Johnnie Walker January 10, 2013 at 8:07 am

    I seriously hope to see this on the screen soon. Just finished the novel and I am completely blow away. Unambiguously phenomenal. 5 out of 5 slabs of bacon.

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