UKTV Reveal ‘Cloud’ Service For 21st Anniversary

Celebrating their 21st anniversary, UK media company UKTV have unveiled a commemorative redesign of their brand image, with a bold new logo that is probably lauded in the design world but leaves heads of much of the non-expert public well and truly scratched.

uktv_rebrandThe new logo for the broadcaster does not interfere with the ongoing simple ‘circular’ designs found on each of its 10 owned channels (Alibi, Blighty, Dave, Eden, Gold, Good Food, Home, Really, Watch, Yesterday), instead displaying an oddly-shaped blue ‘cloud’ (centre). This format for the brand name is expected to be a more ‘mobile’ presence on-screen (with the shape designed to naturally flow within itself), going ‘live’ in exactly one week’s time on 26 March.

The move is aimed at attempting to ‘reintroduce’ the UKTV brand (formed in 1991 as a joint venture of BBC Worldwide and a participating commercial partner company (currently Scripps Networks Interactive)) to viewers in its landmark year (which is admittedly more celebrated by humans than companies).

UKTV chief executive Darren Childs notes of the changes, which will feature in ‘cross-promotion menus’, advertising campaigns for the broadcaster, all business communication, and on programme opening/closing credits: “The reintroduction of UKTV’s network brand enforces the value of our considerable scale and standing in the TV industry, and will clearly guide our 42 million viewers through our programmes and channels, with the new network marque becoming a recognisable emblem of quality and creativity. Strengthening of our network status will cement UKTV’s partnerships with our increasing number of new and incumbent platforms – Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, BT Vision, TalkTalk and our own direct On Demand services – as well as increasing our profile internationally throughout the 200 territories that we now supply with our programming.”

Simon Michaelides, the marketing director of the broadcaster, added of the ‘creativity’ behind the new visual identity: “Imagination and challenging convention is at the heart of UKTV’s business so it was essential that this was reflected in our new identity. The new turquoise cloud-like logo has been designed to create a sense of energy and creativity, and allows people to interpret the form in their own way as it moves. The heart of UKTV’s ethos is to ‘Imagine more’ which has now become our call to action.”

The brand name of ‘UKTV’ has not featured on screens since the launch of headlining channels Dave and Watch in 2008, but will this appearance of the name on its new giant ‘cloud’ surface make the desired impact? If not, it looks almost as though that logo could absorb any blows directed at it, so watch your words…

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