UK Multichannel Revenue Increases To £5b

New statistics from the ‘Commercial Broadcasters Association’ (CoBA) have announced that the ‘multichannel broadcast sector’ in the UK is one which has grown to an impressive £5b (€6b) in overall revenue per year, a figure which they claim for the first time overtakes the money generated by the BBC and ‘commercial public service broadcasters’ in the region.

coba_logoThe from Communications Chambers (operating on CoBA’s behalf) claim that the sector broadcasts ‘127 non-UK channels’ for the rest of the world, and that the industry of television in the UK region as a whole has seen growth that has resulted in 12,300 people being currently employed, with ‘a majority of international broadcasters’ choosing the region as their European headquarters.

These trends have seen the UK develop as a “leading exporter of TV”, according to CoBA, with 67% of UK multichannels claimed to now be commissioning new content in both domestic and international markets.

The report noted: “In all genres, the UK’s multichannel sector has increased investment in UK content by nearly 30% in the last three years, with seven out of 10 international broadcasters committing to increasing investment further over the next five years.”

Launching the report last night was ‘Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries’ Ed Vaizey, who stated: “The commercial broadcasting sector is already an important factor in ensuring the UK can compete globally; industry and the government can work together to harness its growing contribution to the UK.”

Adding to the comments was Adrian Wootton, the chief executive of ‘Film London & the British Film Commission’ (sponsors of the report), as he added of the impact TV production in the UK has created internationally: “Combine this creative flair with other key factors such as our infrastructure and a competitive market, and the UK is perfectly placed as a global TV hub.”

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