Two and a Half Men Left With One Original Man After Female Cast Addition

While the departure of lead star Charlie Sheen from their cast list forced the producer’s hands into the plot twist of his character’s ‘sudden death’, and it appears as though CBS show Two and a Half Men is doing the same again after another original cast member announced his decision to quit.

two_and_a_half_men_alanAlthough not leaving for good, Angus T. Jones, who portrays ‘Jake Harper’ (a.k.a. the ‘half’ in Two and a Half Men) is not going to resume a full-time role as of the next season, instead becoming a recurring character.

The person that replaces ‘Jake’, however, will take the show in a completely different direction to its title (which will almost certainly remain, but has long since been irrelevant given Angus T. Jones’ on and off-screen age), with the currently-uncast role being that of ‘Jenny’, who will fill plenty of clichés by arriving suddenly as the ‘long-lost daughter’ of ‘Charlie Harper’ (the character played by Charlie Sheen).

Described as ‘a sexy and gorgeous lesbian’, ‘Jenny’ will arrive at the house in search of her father, but will then learn of his death, and that the home is now owned by internet billionaire ‘Walden Schmidt’ (Ashton Kutcher).

After some sort of plot in the season 10 premiere, she will decide to live with him along with her uncle ‘Alan Harper’ (played by Jon Cryer, the sole remaining ‘original cast member’ (pictured)). It is noted by producers that Jenny will arrive first as a recurring character, but will be promoted to a more regular role should audiences enjoy her.

The removal of Angus T. Jones from the show will not be a surprising one considering that he openly called the sitcom ‘filth’ last year with pleas to a Christian audience to ‘stop watching’, but going even further away from the CBS title’s original premise, will the new character be able to help maintain the show’s popularity, or are too many changes to the format sending it downhill fast?

There are already plenty of suggestions that ‘Jenny’ (who’s sexual orientation has already been joked as keeping up the ‘half-man’ part of the show’s title) will significantly boost CBS’s reputation in ‘equality surveys’ such as the ‘GLADD Network Responsibility Index’, but from a purely ratings point of view, perhaps producers found their inspiration through this:

Meanwhile, the incidents that summed up why Two and a Half Men is down to just one from the original cast list can be enjoyed again below:

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