Twitch.TV Partners With SOE On 1-Click Game Streaming Platform

E-sports, or electronic sports – the competitive playing of video games, have grown in popularity over the last few years. With gaming technology advancing and a larger emphasis being put on multiplayer games, it is no wonder why e-sports juggernaut Twitch.TV continue to grow at a rapid pace. Now, with a new partnership with Sony Online Entertainment, users will be able to stream their in-game videos with a click of a button.

SOE will be integrating the Twitch in-game live streaming platform directly into their games going forward which will allow players to easily stream their game play to Twitch without all of the hassle. But who is watching? Nearly 20 million gamers are actively partaking in viewing content on the popular video game streaming website.

The first game to incorporate the new one-click streaming technology is the upcoming PlanetSide 2, and gamers can expect more games to feature platform in games where it makes sense–namely those that are multiplayer and have a competitive edge to them.

Sony Online Entertainment and its President John Smedley are excited for the prospects, especially after discovering that during the beta test of the new feature nearly 21 million minutes of PlanetSide 2 game play had already been streamed on the website. He said, ” We’ve gone out of our way to make the interface extremely easy to use and allow players to cast with just one-click.”

The service is still growing, and does have an on-going issue with users wanting more interaction during the live streams–however with a partnership like this with Sony it will continue to dominate the live-streaming e-sport marketplace.


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