TVPlayer App Offers Live UK Streaming Channels on iOS and Android

UK streaming viewers looking to watch live TV channels have another option available, following the launch of a new app called TVplayer.

TVplayerThe app available for both iOS and android phones carries a number of channels that include both BBC 1, 2,  3 & 4, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and a selection of news and music channels to boot.

Created by a company called Simplestream, the service promises many more channels when it fully launches later this month. Users can choose by channel or select a ‘Pack’, which is just another name for a category such as kids, business, entertainment, music etc.

The app is functional and does just what it promises but there is no catch up option or pause, rewind features either, so you can only watch what is on right now. It does have a snazzy feature that lets you see whats on other channels as an overlay while you watch your show.

TVPlayer joins other apps such as TV Catchup and the iPlayer which are also capable of offering live TV streaming. Available now from the app store for iPhone, and Android devices from Google play. A Windows and tablet version is promised to follow.

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