TVGuide Reveals Online Streaming Replacing DVR Rather Than TV

Contrary to some peoples opinion, not everyone is cutting the cord and heading for the internet to get their television fix. Instead, many online streaming users are using the internet to catch up with their favorite shows, or use online streaming as an alternative to DVR services–which usually cost a premium through cable and satellite providers.

Online streaming used as a DVR by many just released the results of a new survey, and while 42 percent of those polled are watching more content online than last year, a large majority of those people said they were using online streaming services to simply catch-up on missed episodes of their favorite shows. Eight percent said that they were cutting back on cable, while 10 percent reported they use online streaming services because they have cut the cord with their cable or satellite service.

“That’s not to say everyone is cord cutting, or that cord cutting is the dominant factor, but it’s a factor,” said Christy Tanner, VP at TVGuide. The study of TVGuide respondents also revealed that consumers are more than willing to pay for the television content they seek, and the numbers don’t lie. 30 percent of those polled said they were watching more television through Netflix and Hulu Plus than in the previous year.

Both Netflix and Hulu have made great gains in making their services available through more devices, including mobile phones, tablet computers and gaming consoles–so it is easy to understand why more people are reporting that they are paying for content–due to its current ease of access.

More importantly the study found that 47 percent of those polled reported that they had “co-viewed” in home, meaning that a friend of family member watched one show on a mobile device, while another watched on a television set.

“What they’re going to do is buy more [mobile] devices, all come back to the living room, and at least be together while they’re watching,” noted Tanner.

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