TMZ Use The CW To Launch Reality Show On Pursuit of Fame

With so many modern ‘celebrities’ only becoming famous for having their face (at either end of the ‘beauty’ scale) on the TV with no talent to back it up, it seemed inevitable that one day a reality show would be made of the trials and tribulations involved in ‘becoming famous’. That day appears to be closer than many would think.

tmz_logoAs opposed to hunting for one person who has the appeal to make it in showbiz, producers of new The CW format Famous in 12 (set to air ‘midseason’) are looking for an entire family to take on the challenge, with auditions set to be held in order to uncover a talented household that could emulate the fame experienced by the socialite ‘Kardashian’ family.

While the format could be praised to an extent for at least trying to find people with talent, the concept developed by celebrity gossip website TMZ will also be an easy fast-track to fame whatever happens for the family involved due to the airtime that they will receive.

Likely to be aired after all filming is complete in order to preserve its main goals, Famous In 12 has been described by its network as “a unique social experiment”, as the family involved is moved to Los Angeles (USA) with the mission of ‘becoming famous’ within 12 weeks. While this is often a one-way trip to waiting tables for the majority of aspiring stars who take such a journey, the way in which the show’s competing family will climb the publicity ladder will be entirely structured, with support from producers Renegade 83 and TMZ’s staff in their bid for stardom, along with ‘ultimate judgement’ from the site’s founder Harvey Levin.

The group, which will have ‘unique and varied talents’, are to be tasked with ‘a series of challenges’ set by producers in order to boost their public status, with TMZ reporting on any success made, whilst also encouraging the use of social media to consolidate their inevitable rise in fame. In addition, the family will receive free passes to a number of ‘celebrity hotspots’ in the city including party locations, restaurants, bars, and gyms.

Levin summarised the new format, stating: “The two things that are especially exciting here are how two competing networks are so committed to cross promotion that will ultimately benefit both TMZ and Famous in 12. We also are going to use social media to push people to both shows like you haven’t yet seen on television.”

The show will certainly be a ‘unique’ one for the time being, but given the nature of TMZ targeting and reporting on every minor move or hairdo from celebrities, you can’t help but feel they are setting a soon-to-be-famous family up for a ‘fall’ by their own hands…


  1. Just sayin
    Just sayin May 20, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    What are the two networks? CW is one…what’ the other? TMZ????? It’s not a network. Harvey get a grip on your ego. Oh, you already have a grip on it.

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