TiVo Demos Next Generation Cloud Based Virtual DVR

TiVo who made their name from producing physical DVR hardware, have now entered the virtual world after showing pay-TV operators a demo of their Network DVR (NDVR) Prototype at this years CES.

tivo-roamioTiVo plan to offer a cloud service based on it’s Roamio interface that has, “Network recordings seamlessly integrated, Easily Searchable and Available Anywhere, Anytime.”

The incentive to cable companies is that they can offer anytime and everywhere streaming, manage content rights, and offer targeted advertising. TiVo have said that the NDVR being software based can be run on multiple devices such as tablets and  smartphones.

Speaking in a statement for Tivo, Joshua Danovitz, VP of innovation said, “With an increasingly complicated entertainment landscape that includes a multitude of content choices, sources and devices, both consumers and operators are challenged to find the appropriate means to navigate the burgeoning content. TiVo is once again defining the landscape of how viewers will consume entertainment, and how pay TV operators provide the best in class user experience.”

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