Time Warner Offer Antenna In CBS Corner-Cutting

The dispute between Time Warner Cable and CBS over ‘retransmission’ has continued to run for the best part of a month since beginning, and while the two companies appear to have not yet reached the sensible and mature option of coming to an agreement, the former are now making some sort of effort to ensure customers do not miss out on CBS content any longer as a result of the feud, through the provision of a complimentary indoor antenna.

indoor_antennaWith CBS having been blocked out on TWC services since 2 August, the cable provider are now offering any customers who want at least temporary access to the network (in the ‘major markets’ affected by the blackout) are able to pick up over-the-air antennas free of charge, from a ‘limited quantity’ based in the company’s retail stores.

For customers unable to access those products due to not being near a physical store, TWC are offering vouchers for the chance to get a similar product for free from superstore Best Buy, whilst offering Amazon gift cards to customers who request them, allowing users to subscribe to their online video service.

Announcing the giveaways on their website, Time Warner said of the reasoning behind it: “All blacked-out broadcast stations remain available over the air, and most households can receive the signals if they have the right equipment.”

While the antennas will naturally be a key tool in ‘reducing the inconvenience’ caused by the dispute, given the amount of products and vouchers that they might have to give away as a result of their commitment following the disagreement, will it eventually be less costly to have just made up with CBS as soon as possible as regulators are advising?

Regardless of the future outcome with CBS carriage (which they can now unofficially claim to have in their dispute with the network), customers would probably be advised to take full advantage of some free equipment that will be a useful spare for any TV owner…

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