Time Warner Hint At Copying The Aereo Method

Aereo, the internet streaming subscription start-up that lost the friendliness of pretty much all broadcast networks quickly after their foundation, are continuing to press ahead with their plans of rolling out across America (beginning with a Boston expansion this month), but they could soon face the unusual prospect and unprecedented challenge of ‘competition’ for their unique venture.

aereo_american_expansionThe thumbnail antenna-based company have identified the city of Raleigh (USA) as another of their future roll-out venues, but a well-known name already operating there is one that could be looking to mimic their methods for a service of their own.

That big name is none other than Time Warner, who are said to be looking into copying the technology, in order to create another means in which their cable subscribers can access content.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Time Warner Cable chief executive Glen Britt noted of Aereo’s ‘interesting’ concept that has formed ‘preliminary’ intrigue amongst his company: “What Aereo is doing to bring broadcast signals to its customers is interesting. If it is found legal, we could conceivably use similar technology.”

While Aereo will presumably be on their toes at this comment hoping for an opening to sue TWC, they would also be wary not to push their luck with the court system having already (and probably rightly) been granted a victory against the major networks, who ironically threatened to transfer to cable if Aereo continued getting their way over rebroadcasting rights to the free content.

Such a move could give rise to an interesting scenario should the likes of Fox and CBS become cable-only, and a carrier such as TWC start broadcasting their content with the ‘Aereo method’…

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