Time Warner Cable To Offer TWC TV App For Samsung Smart TVs

S cable giant, Time Warner Cable (TWC) are set to release a streaming TV app for owners of selected Samsung Smart TVs, giving users instant access to thousands of titles from around 100 TV networks.

samsung-smart-tv-appsThe TWC TV application will be able to run on 2012 and later models of Samsung connected TV sets and the content available will be determined by subscription levels and area.

The app will let subscribers gain access to on-demand content for free and without the need to buy a new set-top box.

Speaking about the deal for Samsung, Eric Anderson, VP of Content and Product Solutions said, “The application will provide existing Time Warner Cable subscribers with more control and choice for how they access their Time Warner Cable content over their Samsung Smart TVs without having to be tethered to their cable box.”

Speaking for TWC, Mike Angus, senior vice president and general manager said, “Time Warner Cable is giving customers more flexibility in how they watch the content they love through our TWC TV application for Samsung Smart TVs.”

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