Time Warner Cable Customers Get HBO Go Streaming

The HBO Go streaming TV service is to be made available to Time Warner Cable’s 12 million plus subscribers, after the two companies reached a deal. The streaming service will let TWC customers watch HBO content on a number of devices such iPad and PC.

HBO Go streaming service comes to TWC subscribersWhilst the HBO Go service does not allow live streaming of channels, the latest shows will be available same day and archived content will also be available on the service.

Speaking in a joint statement, the two companies said that viewers “will have free, unlimited access to the corresponding online services at any time, on any computer in the U.S. with a high-speed Internet connection, as well as a host of other devices, including the iPad.”

Time Warner have indicated that the HBO Go and MAX Go will begin within the next month. The MAX Go service offered by HBO’s sister channel, Cinemax, has around 400 titles on offer.

The HBO Go is a response to the threat and growth of streaming companies such as Netflix.The TV Everywhere service lets HBO subscribers stream over 1400 programs via the web using computers, smartphones and tablet computers. The app has been downloaded over 5 million times.

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  1. Catrina
    Catrina May 16, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    Come on time Warner June is almost here my kids begging for streaming options on roku. We might have to switch. Messed up

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