Third-Party Charger Allows Apple Users To Rock Out With Power

While products as popular in sales as those released by Apple (such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod) are naturally going to have a range of knock-off versions and unofficial ‘tie-in’ products, a company in Switzerland have used physics as an inpiration behind one of the more interesting devices of its type, despite an outward appearence generally associated with boredom.

While they claim it is still in the development phase, Micasa Labs have revealed the ‘iRock’, a simple rocking chair with attachments that enable it to transfer its natural kinetic movements into energy that can charge an Apple handheld device.

They state that the chair (which will be released in a range of five colours for an estimated $1,300 each) is able to bring a previously power-less iPad 3 to 35% charge after an hour of general use, and is applicable to similar products from the American company.

A company spokesperson for Micasa Labs said of their unique innovation: “iRock is inspired by traditional rocking chairs and we designed it to resemble the classic, proven designed old rocking chairs. What we have added to the design is a generator that transforms the movement into power. We have equipped the iRock with an iPad stand and a set of build in speakers in the back rest.”

Handmade from Swedish pine wood, the chairs would initially appear to be another example of the renowned Swiss attributes of woodwork and craftsmanship, but will the iRock offer a new view of one of the world’s more ‘traditional’ household items?

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