The Simpsons Food Court Opens For Business

After several months in the making, the model ‘Springfield’ attraction based on Fox animated comedy The Simpsons is now open to the visitors of the Universal Studios Orlando theme park.

universal_resort_krusty_burgerPlanned primarily as a food section themed around the characters and town of the long-running show (and conveniently based around The Simpsons Ride to maintain the theme), the section is headlined by ‘Fast Food Boulevard’, which will offer customers refreshments at ‘come-to-life’ establishments such as ‘Krusty Burger’, ‘The Frying Dutchman’, ‘Lard Lad Donuts’, ‘Luigi’s Pizza’, and ‘Moe’s Tavern’, alongside a number of themed entries based on individual characters (such as ‘Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck’, and ‘Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror’).

In addition to the eateries, patrons might be able to see their food after they have eaten it with new ride ‘Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl’.

Fox Consumer Products president Jeffrey Godsick said of the new attractions that have opened: “Fans who love both The Simpsons and the ride at Universal Orlando will now be able to experience a much deeper immersion into The Simpsons world with the launch of Springfield.”

James L. Brooks, an executive producer on The Simpsons, noted: “I hope everyone has as much pure, irresponsible fun as we did writing the ride, signs and food menus. We raise our Flaming Moe’s to ye.”

The now-3D-ised business that serves that beverage can be seen below along with the rest of ‘Springfield':

Amidst the vast range of physical content that fans of the show can immerse themselves in, though, there is one of many rides that won’t feature in the section, but should (if Universal wish to end up with an army of lizard queens):

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