The Kennedys Keep Reelz With Follow-Up Series Rumours

The Kennedys, a 2011 mini-series from Canadian developers Muse Entertainment that was controversially dropped by The History Channel, eventually found its way to air when it was picked up by cable TV channel ReelzChannel (but has shown on the Canadian and British versions of ‘History’, along with BBC2 in the UK region), and its success looks to have inspired a potential ‘second’ series of the based-on-historical-events drama.

With average premiere ratings of just over 1m in America the first time round, Reelz appear to be planning a ‘sequel’ to the 8-episode original that they can have a more direct influence over, with Muse said to be warming to the idea and planning the ‘sequel’.

The planned storyline seems set to go in only one direction, with plans to set the new episodes in the period of the book After Camelot, and focusing on the titular family’s story after the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968.

The Kennedys show originally starred Greg Kinnear (as John F. Kennedy), Katie Holmes (as Jackie Kennedy), and Barry Pepper (Robert F. Kennedy), though some of that line-up may have to change for obvious creative reasons.

According to former executive producer Joel Surnow, the series was originally dropped by History in America due to his personal support for the Republican party, as he stated in March last year: “This is a story about why a miniseries was cancelled because of the political bent of one person in particular. It was about discrimination and censorship.”

Luckily for Muse Entertainment, though, the series was on-air by the next month, and they appear to have plans to take the drama further…

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