The CW Bring The Tomorrow People To Today

The latest in a long line of trans-Atlantic remake proposals, classic ITV sci-fi series The Tomorrow People seems set for an American adaptation, as The CW network reveal their purchase of the rights to the show that originally aired in the 70’s.

While it is unclear how much involvement the original series will have in the deal, The CW seem intent on creating an Americanised version for modern audiences, with producers Greg Berlanti (Arrow), Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries), and writer Phil Klemmer (Chuck), currently signed as the team behind the project.

The original series, which was developed in 1973 as ITV’s answer to BBC series Doctor Who, did not enjoy the international success that their sci-fi rival continues today, but did still manage eight seasons (and 68 episodes) on their first run through to 1979, though a three-season revival on ITV between 1992-1995 (covering 25 episodes) received less acclaim.

The premise of The Tomorrow People features a unique group of young people who possess powers (such as telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathy) that represent ‘the next stage in human evolution’, and use their abilities to defeat evil.

Looking to become a success with a third attempt of the format to a new English-speaking audience, will The CW help the Tomorrow’s People of today manage to gain interest in America? Hopefully they can at least remake the title sequence into something a little less ‘subliminal’…

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