The Brady Bunch Review

They’re never going away.  Forget it.  Don’t even try to get away from The Brady Bunch!

Family-FunThe brunette male vs blonde female family show is still so popular that it can be found broadcast or streaming in every language on Earth.

Created by television sitcom genius Sherwood Schwartz the show focused on the relationships of a widower named Mike Brady with three sons and a widower Carol Martin with three girls who meet up, get married and the adventures begin.  With the added comedic talent of Ann B. Davis as their wisecracking maid, Alice, the Brady Bunch redefined sitcom comedy, American middle class life, and family relationships altogether.

Hugely popular as it showcased a big modern home, well groomed and attractive cast, and situations that mirrored everyday life, the show lasted five seasons but feels like ten.  Jealousy, growing pangs, mistaken intentions, were the bottom line of the shows scripts.

People took to the Brady Bunch like fish to water and the cast and lines from the show are household icons. The 117 episodes are enough content from the initial show but that wasn’t the end.  Due to popular demand the Brady Bunch went on to several variety shows and then movies based on the show.

Toys, apparel, you name it are still in production to this day and healthy too.

That’s why streaming sites fight for Brady content.  It’s the three generations of fanbase they’re after.  That fanbase is strong and loyal.  It’s engrained in the psyche of American history and pop culture and will continue to be so.  The reason being is it’s a simple clean look at life’s everyday problems without being rude or vicious or disgusting.

Clean fun for clean streaming.  Available on DVD too!

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