The 10 Best Animated Comedies of 2013

A genre of TV entertainment which has huge levels of potential but is often criminally overlooked by those that always group it in with Tom & Jerry-style programming, animated comedy is a genre that by its nature is able to morally and physically have a far greater range of potential storylines, suspension of disbelief, and content than anything produced in live-action.

top-animated-comedy-2013Unfortunately, this is missed by many that fail to see past the generalisation that something animated (including Pixar’s conveyor belt of strong movies) is ‘made for children’ (even if the content has a clear age recommendation next to it), but the format has come a long way in quality and popularity over the last two decades and generated plenty of viewers and interest, including a fair share from this website.

So to celebrate the upcoming onslaught of new content from at least half of the shows that will be featured below, we at WorldTVPC have compiled our ‘Top 10′ of the best shows in the genre, a subjective list that is based approximately on a 25:75 scale considering ‘legacy’ and ‘current quality’. We have taken care to try and include reasons why each entry is where it is on the ranking, with the ‘blurbs’ not made as essays, but not the single-paragraph affairs you might see on some other (more ‘popular’) websites either.

Other important things to note on this list include that only shows which have aired new episodes in 2013 are being considered, anything which cannot be seen as much beyond a ‘children’s cartoon’ are disqualified, and that only globally-known programmes that premiere on American networks (and have had coverage on this website) are put in. Again this specification is subjective (and means that cult series such as Adventure Time, The Regular Show and popular Japanese anime titles miss out), but it has cut the list down to about a perfect 10, give or take a few, a selection which we shall present in reverse order:

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Best Comedies of 2013


  1. South Park Raises The Bar To Earn Emmy For 2013

    […] nominations for well-written and intelligent humour (for which the uninitiated would be advised to look beyond face value), with this year’s Primetime Emmy awards seeing the long-running show claim its 4th award […]

  2. Bobs Burgers Served 5th Season Before 4th Airs

    […] currently most critically-acclaimed member of Fox’s Animation Domination programming block (which came back with all four current […]

  3. South Park Suffer Blackout Delay On Goth Week

    […] from a pre-made instalment in light of a recent news event), though Comedy Central‘s animated comedy South Park has been exempt from this throughout its history… until […]

  4. Fox Move Marry Harry Online After Ratings

    […] a future home. To fill the gap that has been made in early summer, Fox will broadcast repeats of more proven ratings-holders, airing repeats of shows such as Family Guy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl and The Mindy […]

  5. Netflix Original BoJack Horseman Recieves New Trailer

    […] to be entering the realms of adult-focused animated comedy shows on the market, Netflix‘s first effort in the genre (ignoring the more family-centred snail […]

  6. TV Show Coronation Street Mapped Out By OS
    TV Show Coronation Street Mapped Out By OS September 6, 2014 at 10:23 am

    […] that fans and creators alike wish to better visualise with content that would appear in the in-universe location, a map being one of the most popular […]

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