Talking Dead Companion Show Renewed By AMC

The Walking Dead has been a stand-out success since premiering on AMC in 2010, with levels of cult popularity that has even inspired the foundation (and now retention) of an official follow-up chat series, as the network announced the renewal of Chris Hardwick-presented ‘recap’ show Talking Dead for a second series, set to run alongside the third season of the main show later this year.

Set for a Sunday evening slot again, The Talking Dead, as well as fellow AMC Sunday show Comic Book Men (an ‘unscripted series’ following the lives of the people working at filmmaker Kevin Smith’s comic book store), will both be renewed for a 16-episode run, with the former done entirely to fit in with The Walking Dead‘s new 16-episode season (as opposed to the 13-episode second season), while the move for Comic Book Men might be considered similarly as being put on the same broadcast schedule as The Walking Dead, which itself is a drama series inspired by a comic book of the same name.

Talking Dead presenter Hardwick said of the plans for the series (and joked about its future), in which he recaps episodes and interviews cast and crew members: “Talking Dead has been an amazing experience and I cannot pile enough hugs and thanks onto AMC for renewing it. I CAN’T WAIT for Season 3 of Walking Dead, so that we can finally talk about Rick meeting [SPOILER] and [SPOILER]-ing him with a heavy-duty [SPOILER] at the [SPOILER]. And let’s not forget all the rest of the [SPOILER]s getting in on the action! [EXPLETIVE] me! It’s going to be great…”

Meanwhile, Comic Book Men is due to go from a 6-episode first series to 16 in the second run, although downgrading from hour-long episodes into a 30-minute format. Show star Kevin Smith stated of the return of reality TV cameras to his store (‘Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash’): “Pinch my fat ass, ’cause I must be dreaming! A thousand thank yous wouldn’t cover the gratitude I’m feeling right now. And as you might imagine, everyone at SModcast Pictures is in love with everyone at AMC today! Rest assured, Walt, Bry, Mike, Ming and I are suited up and ready to hit the ice for our second season with Team AMC.”

AMC executive Joel Stillerman added the cable network’s perspective on the renewals, stating: “AMC set out to build shows around authentic characters and original worlds, and Comic Book Men really delivers on both of these. Talking Dead is just great synergy and it gives our audience a destination to continue the conversation about The Walking Dead. We are thrilled that Chris is back to lead the discussion. He is genuinely knowledgeable about the genre, and truly entertaining.”

While The Walking Dead‘s third season is one of the most hotly-anticipated continuations of a TV show in the USA this year, will the new episodes of their support acts on AMC also be up to scratch?

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