Hulu Plus Expands Content Offering With Over 2,000 Classic CBS Shows

Hulu has grabbed streaming rights to over 2,000 CBS shows from the 70′s and 80′s in a deal that brings a number of classic shows from the old days, to add to the bang up to date content they have already secured.

Hulu-PlusThe shows which will be added to the subscription VOD service Hulu Plus include real old TV series such as Taxi, Cheers, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Laverne and Shirley, and The Odd Couple.

Also included are a few more modern shows that include Undercover Boss, Melrose Place, Everybody Loves Raymond, Touched by an Angel, 7th Heaven, and United States of Tara.

When added to the more recent CBS shows added such as Under The Dome, and new deals just struck for detective show Elementary, and police drama Blue Bloods, then the total shows in the deal equal around 40 shows spread over 5,300 episodes. The deals are not exclusive though, so you may see them popping up on Amazon or Netflix along with other streaming services.

The children havent been forgotten either, Hulu Plus have also expanded the kid’s section with deals for titles such as Pokemon and The Doozers snapped up recently.

CBS generally just air shows on the website as they have no stake in Hulu, but are taking advantage of the insatiable need for content that streaming services have.

The Hulu Plus streaming subscription service costs $7.99 per month and offers unlimited streaming of full seasons on connected hardware that includes PC’s, tablets, smartphones, consoles and streaming boxes like Roku and Apple TV.

Hulu Goes Country With Nashville Streaming Deal

Hulu have been busy over the last few days snapping up content deals. The latest deal inked with Disney/ABC is for the Country & Western themed show, Nashville.

NashvilleThe deal brings streaming rights for the critically acclaimed show to Hulu & Hulu Plus, for all broadcast and the previous first season of the show.

Nashville which premiered on Hulu before the original TV broadcast, stars Connie Britton as Country music legend Rayna Jaymes, who is losing her position as Queen of Country to up-and-coming Juliette Barnes played by Hayden Panettiere.

Currently Nashville is in its second season, and the deal which is effective now, will bring selected episodes to Hulu and all past seasons and episodes to Hulu Plus.

Hulu have been busy in the past few days, they secured non-exclusive streaming rights to CBS drama Blue Bloods. and an exclusive deal to stream CBS Sherlock Holmes inspired show, Elementary.

CBS Deal Brings Blue Bloods To Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus have secured streaming rights for all four seasons of the New York family cop drama, Blue Bloods. The deal with CBS is non-exclusive so the show may be popping up on other streaming services as well.

Blue-BloodsThe deal with CBS follows a recent similar deal with Hulu Plus to stream the first two seasons of Sherlock Holmes inspired detective series, Elementary.

CBS are adopting a strategy of negotiating rights for multi-platform off air episodes that have already broadcast, to a variety of distribution partners including broadcast, streaming and cable at the same time. CBS also revealed that had finalized a cable deal with WGN America for off-network episodes beginning this year.

As previously announced, ION Broadcasting has acquired the exclusive weekday, primetime syndication rights and will broadcast previous seasons of “Bloods,” which stars Tom Selleck, on its stations in Fall 2014.

Blue Bloods has been a ratings hit for CBS averaging 14 million viewers, an increase of 7% from the previous year. It stars Tom Selleck and telling of  a family of NYPD cops.

Speaking for Hulu, Chief Executive Officer Mike Hopkins said, “Blue Bloods is a fantastic addition to our growing library of top CBS programming. The show’s engaging characters and emotional drama make it a perfect fit for on-demand viewing, and subscribers can catch up on all four seasons of this serialized procedural whenever they want on Hulu Plus.”


Elementary TV Show Coming To Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus, the SVoD (streaming video on demand) monthly subscription service has nabbed the rights to the acclaimed CBS TV show inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Elementary.

Elementary-TV-ShowHulu Plus subscribers can watch both seasons of the show by forking out the not overly expensive $7.99 per month. Elementary is a new take on the Sherlock Holmes story and stars Jonny Lee Miller as the master detective in modern day New York. The latest episodes of the show are averaging 12.1 million viewers.

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said of the deal, “After the breakthrough success of The Good Wife on Hulu Plus, we’re excited to offer subscribers more past seasons of outstanding current CBS programming, as the exclusive subscription video-on-demand home for Elementary.

Speaking for CBS Corporation, Chief Corporate Content Licensing Officer Scott Koondel said, “Elementary has been a strong performer for CBS on-air, online, on VOD and in DVR playback. Its ability to play and succeed on all platforms speaks to the value the series will bring to Hulu Plus and its subscribers.”

New Hulu Deal Means You Can Get Your Pokemon Fill

Those of us of a, ‘certain age’ will remember the slightly odd Pokemon games from a few years back, and now we can remember them all over again after streaming site Hulu grabbed streaming rights for the ‘pocket monsters’ TV shows and movies.

Pokemon-HuluThe deal between Hulu and Pokemon Company International will bring streaming Pokemon to both the free Hulu, and the subscription based Hulu Plus service.

Fans used to playing Japanese monster games on the Nintendo console can now watch a number of shows and movies including Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl, the four part special – Pokemon Origins, and the feature length Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai.

Coming soon are more Pokemon movies that include Giratina and the Sky Warrior, Arceus and the Jewel of Life, and Zoroark: Master of Illusions. Also coming are the first two episodes of the new XY series, and probably all new episodes after they are broadcast.

The Pokemon phenomena began with the launch of the Nintendo game in 1996 right up until the present with the Pokemon X & Y games released on 3DS consoles. To compliment the millions of games and trading cards sold, Pokemon cartoons number over 700 episodes and there are 16 movies.

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Watch Doctor Who Streaming on Hulu Plus

For fans of the long running series Dr. Who, you’ll be glad to know that you can catch up on the good doctor’s adventures on Hulu Plus!

doctor-who-huluHulu Plus is the premiere service that offers so that people can watch dozens upon dozens of television shows online.  It includes full runs of these series so that anyone can watch the first episode to the last.

Dr. Who has been a popular character for over 50 years.  Fans cannot get enough of his adventures no matter which actor portrays him.  His standard yet trusty tools and of course interdimensional Tardis, his arch nemesis the Daleks as well as other aliens, mad scientists and so on leave a legacy of some of the best science fiction and drama in television history.  The UK’s biggest stars have appeared on this show to great acclaim and the entire family can tune in together to enjoy the episodes.

This is why Hulu and Hulu Plus have gained in such popularity and reliability.  People can tune in online and find their favorite shows or shows they’ve not seen yet and be assured they can watch the entire run of a series if available.

Dr. Who is a huge property spanning decades and catching up with his adventures can take years of television watching on a regular schedule.  With Hulu Plus you can get ahead of things at your own schedule.  You might want to watch two episodes a day or three taking note of the credits so you can know which actor or technician has worked on which episode.  For Dr. Who aficionados this is very important.  It means more fun at the huge sci-fi conventions and on the social networking sites where they gather to chat about the show.

So Dr. Who is on Hulu Plus just waiting for more adventure!