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For fans of the long running series Dr. Who, you’ll be glad to know that you can catch up on the good doctor’s adventures on Hulu Plus!

doctor-who-huluHulu Plus is the premiere service that offers so that people can watch dozens upon dozens of television shows online.  It includes full runs of these series so that anyone can watch the first episode to the last.

Dr. Who has been a popular character for over 50 years.  Fans cannot get enough of his adventures no matter which actor portrays him.  His standard yet trusty tools and of course interdimensional Tardis, his arch nemesis the Daleks as well as other aliens, mad scientists and so on leave a legacy of some of the best science fiction and drama in television history.  The UK’s biggest stars have appeared on this show to great acclaim and the entire family can tune in together to enjoy the episodes.

This is why Hulu and Hulu Plus have gained in such popularity and reliability.  People can tune in online and find their favorite shows or shows they’ve not seen yet and be assured they can watch the entire run of a series if available.

Dr. Who is a huge property spanning decades and catching up with his adventures can take years of television watching on a regular schedule.  With Hulu Plus you can get ahead of things at your own schedule.  You might want to watch two episodes a day or three taking note of the credits so you can know which actor or technician has worked on which episode.  For Dr. Who aficionados this is very important.  It means more fun at the huge sci-fi conventions and on the social networking sites where they gather to chat about the show.

So Dr. Who is on Hulu Plus just waiting for more adventure!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode Gets Worldwide Simulcast

SciFi cult classic TV show Doctor Who will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary show with a bang, by simultaneously showing the episode in pretty much every country at the same time.

doctor-who=50th-anniversaryThe “simulcast” has been arranged by BBC Worldwide and local broadcasters so that fans do not learn what happens from another countries earlier showing, thereby avoiding any spoilers.

The iconic episode of the iconic show will be shown at some unusual times in some countries though. The show will be aired in it’s native UK on Saturday November 23 at 8pm GMT including online streaming via the iplayer. This equates to a showing time of 7am in Sydney and 12am in LA.

The special episode will bring together a number of previous Doctors including David Tennant and soon to be leaving Matt Smith. The episode is expected to pull in over 100million viewers when it is shown in both 2D and 3D versions.

A spokesperson for the BBC said, “It’s always been our ambition to work with our broadcast partners so that international Doctor Who fans can enjoy the 50th Anniversary special at the same time as the UK.

Hopefully the episode will satisfy fans who have complained about the lack of Doctor Who episodes during anniversary year.

Doctor Who Gives iView Audience Record

The bold move from Australian network ABC to screen the season premiere of Doctor Who online a week ahead of a TV rebroadcast appears to have paid off, with the record ratings experienced by the ‘iView’ streaming platform kickstarting discussions that legalised content can be a huge incentive for viewers to steer clear of pirated streams.

The premiere of ‘Asylum of the Daleks‘ was the first of a seven-episode run, and with fears of piracy in the country to get a first glimpse of an episode which has been long-awaited by fans, ABC chose to bring the episode to on-demand streaming, released just hours after the BBC aired the premiere for viewers in the UK region.

The result was ABC’s iView platform surpassing all expectations for the day, as the number of views for the episode online for Sunday 2 September (the day it was released on iView) reached 75,900, an all-time record for one video on the platform.

For less hardcore fans of the series, the episode in question will air on ABC1 next weekend, with all remaining episodes of the season set to take on this format, as the network give a clear vote of confidence for an ‘online first’ approach to the popular sci-fi series.

Independent copyright organisation Intercept Media claimed that they did not specifically target Doctor Who’s online launch in Australia for research on the matter of online piracy, though their chief executive Anton Andreacchio noted of the trend: “We very much believe that if there are viable alternatives that do not punish the consumer then users will inherently gravitate towards them. …if [primetime content] isn’t being provided on-demand, for free, in high-quality, then it’s the fault of the distribution pipelines – a common rationalisation for pirates.”

He summarised of the potential future for the online TV industry: “We really are at a fork in the road to different end points; one is to a monitored, rigid internet that prioritizes the distributor over the consumer (and all the privacy/civil liberties issues that go along with it); the other is towards a more open media landscape, that prioritizes the consumer over the distributor and encourages competitive ideas to capture the attention of the audience (and provides far more opportunity for entrepreneurial producers/distributors).”

With ABC now tying Doctor Who to a unique broadcasting arrangement in Australia (or any country for that matter), will online viewing figures prove it to be a successful model for foreign content syndication?

Australian ABC Uses Time Travel To Air The New Doctor Who Show Just After UK Debut

As the long awaited new series 7 of sci-fi cult show, Doctor Who draws ever closer, ABC have announced they will air the first episode of the new series on iView, an Australian online player owned by ABC,  just hours after its first aired on British television.

Aussie fans dont have to wait too long for Dr Who

The show will air on 1st of September in the UK on BBC1. The episode will then be aired on the following day in Australia on ABC1.

For Australian Doctor Who fans, this is a huge milestone as this is the first time a Television blockbuster from overseas will be available to watch within a few hours of its release.

Brendan Dahill, ABC1’s controller has said the decision was made in the interest of the Doctor Who fan base in Australia as well as reducing piracy saying, “as broadcasters we need to find convenient ways of making programs available via legal means to discourage the need for piracy.”

iView, the online player website that shows ABC programs, is one of the most popular online video viewing sites in Australia and has recently launched an iView app on Apple’s App Store that had over 210,000 downloads in its first week of release.

Overall this announcement has come as a relief to Aussie TV Doctor Who fans as they, like the rest of us,  have waited nearly a year for this series and is set to be the best one yet with the first episode featuring the most deadly of all the Doctor’s enemies; the Daleks. And the loveable Amy Pond is to leave halfway through the series.

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ABC Australia Stream Doctor Who Online Before Traditional Broadcast

A sure sign that internet tv is growing in popularity in Australia, the ABC network are premiering a new series first online. Popular Science Fiction show Doctor Who is getting the first transmission online, before it gets shown the traditional way.

The move is being made to promote the iView online catch-up service and sees a very popular show only being available on the net a full two days before it can be viewed on the tv.

Doctor Who showing online first in Australia

The new series of Dr Who is showing tonight and as with most catch-up services remains available for 14 days. The show is an apt choice being the highest rated show in previos seasons with 378,000 views last year

The aim of the exercise is to attract first-time users onto iView says  iView manager Kate Ryan, she said:- “Once someone tunes into iView, they become an extremely loyal viewer. We want to show all viewers that there are now different ways to arrive at the ABC.”

About Doctor Who – Doctor Who is a scifi show from the UK made by the BBC. The show follows the adventures of a time-travelling Time Lord known as “the Doctor” who travels through time and space in the TARDIS.

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