Charlie Sheen Reveals Desire To Return On Two and a Half Men

While he has been doing pretty well for himself since leaving with the current 100-episode run of his starring role in FX sitcom Anger Management, actor and heavy tipper Charlie Sheen has revealed that he is longing to make one last appearance on old show Two and a Half Men.

charlie_sheen_remoteIn an interview, Sheen claimed that he would be “100%” willing to appear in the final episode of the show, should the producers of the show be willing to forget the past as he is for such a purpose.

Sheen had been the lead cast member of the CBS sitcom for its first 8 seasons and 177 episodes, but a falling out with creator Chuck Lorre and subsequent bizzare antics (including the phrases “tiger blood” and “winning”) in 2011 led to his sacking from the series, replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

Since then, the ‘half man’ Angus T. Jones found his role reduced to ‘recurring’ following controversial statements of his own and his age no longer supporting the plot, and the series is set to close up for good at the end of the upcoming 12th season premiering 30 October, an event the former lead wants to be a part of.

Speaking to E! News, Sheen ironically stated: “I just want to do it classy.”

He added: “I want to do it in a way that still services what the show is today, and also honours what it was when I was there. Who knows? I’m sure they are over there right now, pen to paper, trying to figure something out. If it’s not done properly, then there is no reason to do it. But it’s a pretty smart group over there and I’m sure they will figure something. Something that makes sense to everyone.”

Showrunner Lorre denied the rumours that his team were in discussion with Sheen, and stated of the issue in a separate interview with E!: “We’ve been really focused on finding a storyline that puts Jon [Cryer] and Ashton [Kutcher] front and centre in a really interesting, provocative, hopefully funny story. That was our priority going into this year, was to do a storyline that puts these two guys right in the middle of it. So outside characters will come in as they do, but that’s not the focus.”

All of Charlie Sheen’s talk of reconciliation with producers and fellow cast members is all well and good, but there is still the simple obstacle that they killed off his character in-show…

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Charlie Sheen Makes It Rain In ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The highly-trending and quickly-spreading ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is probably only heading into a slow decline in shock value considering that *everyone* is now doing it, but Charlie Sheen’s recent effort at least keeps the idea refreshing, and not in the way that having cold water over your body does.

charlie_sheen_make_it_rainAmongst the many dull and generic celebrity dousings on the internet this week, FX‘s Anger Management actor Sheen managed to make both a generous gesture, a statement towards other wealthy participants, and a challenge to his main enemies in showbusiness, all in the space of a minute whilst remaining completely bone dry.

The video he posted, uploaded through celebrity gossip network TMZ, shows a smartphone recorded clip of the eccentric actor as he pours the bucket… only for money to come out.

While such a scene would be perfect for a stereotypical rap video, he instead notes that it is a total of $10,000 (rather than the challenge’s rule-suggested $10/$100) which he will be donating to the ALS Association, and for his ‘3 people to challenge’ part, he picked out three people involved with his former CBS show Two and a Half Men: co-star Jon Cryer, creator Chuck Lorre (who sacked him after a series of controversies in 2011), and Sheen’s replacement Ashton Kutcher, all being called out to do what Sheen does in the video below:

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ESPN Introduce New Baseball Analyst Charlie Sheen

In search of publicity for the home franchise and for their show’s ratings, one of ESPN‘s baseball broadcasting series, Baseball Tonight, decided to take a temporary injection of tiger blood into their presentation team for a Cincinnati Reds home game… and not from the other ‘big 4′ professional sports franchise occupying the city.

charlie_sheen_indians_baseballInstead, it is Anger Management actor Charlie Sheen, a lifelong fan of one of the oldest Major League Baseball franchises (having been officially founded 125 years ago), who was invited to come on and offer his insight during proceedings for the Reds’ home game against the St. Louis Cardinals (who themselves are currently not their city’s #1 professional sports story),  their 48th fixture of the regular season, but one that was lost 4-0 to see them move to a 22-26 overall record.

Which meant that the day that introduced Sheen to the world of baseball punditry (an area he suggested moving into in 2011 before taking the lead role of FX sitcom Anger Management) did not go as well as he would have liked due to what he saw on-field, though his appearance was focused on the pre-game show at the Great American Ballpark yesterday (25 May).

In spite of being born and raised in California, Sheen’s father Martin’s ties to the state of Ohio have seen him hold a support for the 5-time champion Reds, including donation to the franchise’s community fund. However, his most notable contribution to the sport comes from the big screen, with his roles in Eight Men Out and Major League, the latter of which can be seen below in trailer form.

As Baseball Tonight celebrates their 25th season on-air since March 1990, ESPN’s choice of a second celebrity guest pundit (following Cardinals fan Jon Hamm (Mad Men)) appears to have gone down well with fans, but will this be the start of an unusual new career for “Wild Thing”? He might still have a little playing left in him, if his modestly-shown clip shown yesterday is anything to go by:

Two and a Half Men Cut By CBS

Just two months after announcing the renewal of their format, CBS have now announced the cancellation of their format Two and a Half Men, though fortunately for all involved with the show the two announcements will not conflict.

two_and_a_half_men_ashton_titleThe announcement by CBS revealed that the Two and a Half Men format will soon bow out, but it will be at around this time next year, after the conclusion of their previously-confirmed 12th season.

The news revealed by CBS made at their recent ‘upfront presentation’ (Wednesday 14 May) claimed that the final season of the sitcom is set to air in the Thursdays 9/8c timeslot after their annual eight-game run of Thursday Night Football NFL coverage comes to a close.

While it is unclear how many episodes the next season will consist of, the Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn creation will now have a known buffer before ending that should help writers to create storylines of closure, just don’t expect much coming the way of Charlie Sheen or Angus T. Jones‘ characters after their outspoken comments on the franchise…

Though there is only one remaining cast member from the original concept (Jon Cryer) after the killing off/demoted to extra statuses of Sheen and Jones’ characters respectively, the format now co-starring Ashton Kutcher and Amber Tamblyn will certainly have mixed reactions amongst critics and viewers especially for recent seasons, but will the final episode of Two and a Half Men still be able to pull out some of its strongest ratings on its now-known final outing?

Charlie Sheen Is Bad Influence For WEtv

Low-profile women’s specialist cable network WEtv could be catapulted into greater notability in the near future, after they announced a new reality TV format starring a man who is either the most or least desirable to work with in the entertainment industry, depending on your point of view.

charlie_sheen_cigar_cowboyWhatever your opinion, though, it is easy to admit that Charlie Sheen (Anger Management) is a headline-attracting name, and one that will bring plenty of publicity to AMC subsidiary WEtv through their newly-announced programme Charlie Sheen’s Bad Influence.

As a title that could let many imaginations run wild, many will be disappointed to hear that the pilot being ordered is instead falling more under the reality TV/gameshow genres, with Sheen evaluating relationships of engaged couples prior to marriage by asking questions about their partner.

The pilot is confirmed as being in an hour-long format, with production for the potential future series coming from New Epic Entertainment, ahead of a potential 2014-15 broadcast season launch.

With Charlie Sheen recently denying causing a hold-up in Anger Management production through not showing up for filming, WEtv will hope they can get some level of punctuality and professional behaviour from a self-proclaimed ‘recovered’ star, but probably not too much that it ruins the appeal. But will the show manage to gain some sort of appeal regardless, or is a gameshow format one not suited to what the actor is known for?

If Bad Influence fails, though, WEtv will still have other options to fall back on when promoting new shows, after they confirmed the commissioning of their first-ever scripted drama The Divide (based on a case-worker attempting to prove the innocence of a convicted murderer), as well as ‘social dating experiment’ reality show Mystery Millionaire, a religious-influenced version of The Bachelor known as Match Made In Heaven, wedding-planning reality show David Tutera’s CELEBrations, as well as renewals for existing formats Kendra on Top, Tamar & Vince, and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

It appears as though WEtv are planning plenty of growth in the market, but will their shows live up to the ambition, or will the network eventually have to take a leaf out of their parent channel’s book and play the zombie wildcard?

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Duck Dynasty Recieves Louisiana State Backing After Controversy

When any TV show in recent times ever hits any loose connection to ‘unacceptable behaviour’, it usually signals the beginning of the end (or at least the end of an era) with media sources beginning campaigns that turn many viewers against the programme, though it appears as though current A&E format Duck Dynasty, in trouble on account of comments made recently by a cast member, could be preserved by one of the highest and most unusual possible sources.

duck_dynastyThe reality show, which follows a family of entreprenuers as they run a business supplying industry-specific products to duck hunters, is hanging in the balance after leading cast member Phil Robertson made homophobic comments during an interview with GQ.

The main phrase in question which has resulted in his current suspension from the show read from the question ‘what is, in your mind, sinful?': “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

In spite of much of the show’s potential to fall apart with the network (despite their recent backtracking to half-defend the personality) and executives possibly wanting to distance themselves from Robertson’s statement, the ‘lieutenant governor’ of the state of Louisiana (where Duck Dynasty is set), Jay Dardenne, has surprisingly announced that he will be willing to use state support to help the cast find new personnel or networks if required in order to keep the popular 4-season-old show running (or shooting).

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Lieutenant Governor Dardenne summarised: “Regardless of one’s views on Phil Robertson’s statements, Duck Dynasty has been an important representation of the state of Louisiana, inspiring prospective visitors and investors since its debut. If the Robertson family cannot come to an agreement with A+E and wants to continue the show, Louisiana already has the infrastructure in place to maintain their record-breaking programme.”

While the next season is said to be almost completely ready to air (but awaiting its provisional 15 January premiere date), will it be back for more with its full supplement of politically-backed characters? If not, then some less homophobic duck hunters with reality TV experience are not all that hard to come by if you know where to look:

For Robertson’s current troubles, though (with which he is having to perform the natural rituals of defensiveness and apologetic public statements), his status may be compounded in the public eye with the fact that he has been called out for his actions by Charlie Sheen, a set of 8 words that would most likely let you know you have gone too far. Another thing that would not make positive reading would be Sheen’s comments on Twitter on the matter, which read in full:

Phil Robertso! You have offended and hurt so many dear friends of mine, who DO NOT have the voice or the outreach that I do. Well news flash shower-dodger, I will speak loudly and clearly for ALL of them. Your statements were and are abhorrently and mendaciously unforgivable… Shame on you. You’re the only surviving brain donor I’ve ever known.”