Charlie Sheen Is Bad Influence For WEtv

Low-profile women’s specialist cable network WEtv could be catapulted into greater notability in the near future, after they announced a new reality TV format starring a man who is either the most or least desirable to work with in the entertainment industry, depending on your point of view. Whatever your opinion, though, it is easy […]

Duck Dynasty Recieves Louisiana State Backing After Controversy

When any TV show in recent times ever hits any loose connection to ‘unacceptable behaviour’, it usually signals the beginning of the end (or at least the end of an era) with media sources beginning campaigns that turn many viewers against the programme, though it appears as though current A&E format Duck Dynasty, in trouble […]

Anger Management & Two and a Half Men Cast New Female Co-Stars

The ‘new cast member’ process on two of the most notable credits in Charlie Sheen’s recent career has been completed, with both former series (Sheen’s former show Two and a Half Men and current sitcom Anger Management) having each introduced a new female co-star that will come into play in future episodes. For CBS comedy Two and […]

Two and a Half Men Left With One Original Man After Female Cast Addition

While the departure of lead star Charlie Sheen from their cast list forced the producer’s hands into the plot twist of his character’s ‘sudden death’, and it appears as though CBS show Two and a Half Men is doing the same again after another original cast member announced his decision to quit. Although not leaving for […]

Selma Blair Quits Anger Management After Charlie Sheen Feud

Using the excuse of ‘its just acting’ is a fairly convenient excuse for any celebrity to avoid practicing what they preach on-screen, Cruel Intentions star Selma Blair has quit her role on FX sitcom Anger Management, believed to have been the result of a fall-out with the show’s star Charlie Sheen. The stint on the series had seen […]

Charlie Sheen Criticises Chucks Big Bang Theory

For a while it seemed as though he would not be throwing in any more negative comments on his former workplace, but it appears Charlie Sheen still has plenty more to say about Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, calling his other creation The Big Bang Theory ‘stupid and lame’. Sheen, still reeling […]