T-Mobile TV App Launches For Apple iPhone And iPad

US mobile carrier T-Mobile have finally launched the iPhone version of their T-Mobile TV app, several years after it appeared on Android devices.

T-Mobile-TV-appThe app gives mobile viewers access to streaming TV channels and TV shows including The Disney Channel. Fox News, TLC,  AP News, ACC Digital Network, BET, Fox news, Campus Insiders as well as kids content.

The app has been around for android devices since 2010 and is also on Windows phones, and finally T-Mobile has realized that iPhone and iPhone users want to watch TV on there devices.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store free for 30 days, thereafter costs depend on the package selected. $12.99 monthly buys the Prime Pack which offers The Disney Channel, on-demand and live sports, news channels and on-demand prime-time shows from the major networks.

There are also five other packages T-Mobile TV en Espanol ($9.99), Playground TV for kids ($5.99), Life & Style ($7.99), The Urban Zone ($5.99).

Any iOS users that sign up will be billed via iTunes rather than (as with the other platforms) from there T-Mobile account.

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  1. Hunter
    Hunter May 8, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    That sounds like a nifty app, especially because T-Mobile made it for people on any carrier. I’m going to scope it out when I get home from my shfit at DISH later this afternoon. It’s a shame that it’s only for iOS, and that they are charging a monthly fee. I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled it out to Android at some later date, but why would anyone want to pay to stream TV on their phone when they already pay for it at home? That’s why I like my free DISH Anywhere app; its available on iOS and Android and I can stream all of my channels and DVR recordings too.

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