Susan Boyle Life Story Signed For Hollywood Treatment

In America, a popular sports star will often be honoured with a ‘based on a true story’ movie or documentary made for TV broadcast and if they are lucky a movie, while music stars have recently taken to the trend of a cinematic concert behind-the-scenes film, and it appears as though Scottish opera singer Susan Boyle, who made her name on reality TV contest Britain’s Got Talent (and popularised in America for the viral YouTube video of her audition in 2009), is set for the high-profile treatment of her life story across the Atlantic.

The ‘rags to riches’ tale of her singing career (where the obvious main point of interest can be re-viewed below) has already been converted into a musical (I Dreamed a Dream, an Elaine C. Smith-fronted project based on the her autobiography The Woman I Was Born To Be), but the now appears set for a new look.

It is rumoured that she has already signed the contract with a studio this week, with filming expected to begin for the project in 2013.

How much of an on-screen role the 51-year-old will take is currently unknown (though presumably guaranteed at least a consultancy spot), though the singer has already set about her idealistic supporting, as she recently quoted her tongue-in-cheek preference for George Clooney to portray her manager, stating: “It’s wishful thinking. But it’s Hollywood… anything can happen.”

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