Survey Shows Hooking Up PC To TV Increasingly Popular

Streaming tv looks so good when its big

A survey by TV aggregator SideReel has come up with some interesting findings, including the fact that watching streaming on the big screen tv is exploding. It looked into the viewing habits of connected and web TV along with social media. The survey showed online tv to be popular (which is obvious considering the survey was carried out by an online tv aggregator)

The survey was taken from the results of around 1800 users and carried out in December last year. Results included 40% of respondents watching tv via a connected device or TV set, and 60% of that number did a straight pc to tv connection rather than use a dedicated device.

So why hook up to the tv? Well Netflix is one of the reasons, with 70% of viewers who connect tv to pc using the tv on demand service. Hulu on the other hand only got a 4% share of watchers.

Speaking about the survey, SideReel CEO Roman Arzhintar said:- “People are mixing new technologies with familiar ones to get a personalized TV experience that includes all of their favorite shows. For many, traditional TV watching is starting to supplement online watching, rather than the other way around.”

Sidereel also said that over half their visitors watch between 5-20 hours of online video and tv every week.

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