Survey Reveals Amazon Turning Up The Heat On Netflix

The independent survey research firm 451 Research ChangeWave released some interesting numbers on Friday, numbers which indicate that Amazon is encroaching on Netflix’s turf. The numbers, which show that Netflix by and large still retains the largest share of the paid alternative television market–consumers are beginning to take a look at Amazon’s offerings, even going as far to switch to them.

Amazon catching up with Netflix

“While Netflix still holds the largest share by far of the paid alternative TV market, consumers continue to shift towards Amazon’s Instant Video service,” said Andy Golub, spokesperson for Research ChangeWave’s research service. “As Amazon’s TV and movie content becomes more competitive with Netflix, its popularity is surging among consumers.”

The survey, taken in September of this year polled 1,115 consumers in North America, and also took a peak at the top internet-connected devices consumers are using to stream video. Not surprisingly Apple’s iPad was the number one internet connected device used to watch streaming video. But even with a variety of new devices to stream television content with, Netflix saw a 2 percentage point decrease in consumption, down to 82% from February.

Amazon on the other hand saw an increase of five points, bringing their updated market share to close to 22 percent. The company also saw consumers react to their recent partnership with EPIX, which was previously only available to Netflix subscribers. 17 percent of current Netflix subscribers said that news of the new partnership has made them “More Likely” to cancel their subscriptions with Netflix.

Making the issue more interesting is the startling 18 percent of Netflix subscribers who claimed they also pay for Amazon Instant Video–a four point increase since the last survey. No doubt, Amazon is bringing the heat and they are doing so fast, before more streaming video companies jump into the mix.

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