Study Shows US Consumers Want To Surf And Watch TV Simultaneously

With the rise in popularity of mobile devices and cheaper laptops, ultra books and PC’s, a growing trend is multi-screen viewing, the act of watching TV while browsing the web. And a new study shows that nearly half US consumers are up to it.

Consumers browse web when TV gets boring

Consumers browse web when TV gets boring

The study by market research company KPMG international, found that 42% of US consumers watch television while keeping one eye on the web, either using a laptop or desktop PC. A smaller 17% comprised mainly of the 25-34 age range, make use of a tablet or smartphone for simul-browsing.

When it comes to what consumers do online, the study found that 22% of consumers are on social networking sites while watching TV. Of course, viewers can make use of a single device for watching and surfing, in the shape of a smart TV.

Paul Wissmann, of KPMG said, “The introduction of smart TVs is an indication of how the digital transition is accelerating to coincide with the demand of today’s consumers to access anything, anywhere and at any time. The smart TV is beginning to reveal itself as the next disruptor.”

It makes sense to have a web connected device around when the ads are on (although a Nielsen study showed that second screen advertising boosts effectiveness), so the results are no surprise. In fact many surveys have had the same results,

Mobile devices which suit portable browsing better are also growing in popularity, with 40% of respondents either owning or intending to get a smartphone during the next year. Having a tablet, or intending to get one within a year appealed to 26% of respondents.

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