Streaming Aggregators Make Finding Movies And Shows Online Easier

The trouble with watching television shows and movies on the web is trying to finding them. Although you can search the different providers and sources of official TV streams available such as iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu along with some lesser known providers. The problem is that the average viewer wants an easy life and not the prospect of searching umpteen sites or apps for the show/movie they want.

streaming aggregationLets be honest, doing it this way may take longer than the episode, show or movie lasts! So how do you find that streaming content easily? The answer is to use a site that aggregates or taps into the API of each provider and outputs the multiple sources on your screen ready for you to watch, rent or buy.

These sites are probably the easiest way to find who is streaming what and for what cost, if you can buy, rent or both. Although none are perfect (yet), and some only work for movies, they all make life easy which is what the average couch potato wants, right?

  • Moreflicks – Even though it’s not the slickest, this site covers a good selection of streaming services (others don’t), both TV shows and movies (which some don’t), and you can select by Country, which is handy as many content providers have different media deals depending on location. So on to the website, you type in a title and the website retrieves information and a selection of streaming links for you to view, buy or rent. You can also filter by Oscar Winners, Most Popular, Arriving Soon and Expiring Soon amongst others.[More information..]
    Moreflicks searches: Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Crackle, Vudu, Fox and iPlayer.
    App available? No
  • Watchily – A good site because you can filter the cost of your entertainment. Search results clearly label the costs, from free upwards. Viewers can also filter searches by content rating, and by genre to find that perfect title.[More information..]
    Watchily searches: Netflix, Redbox Instant, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, Cinemax Go, Comcast XFINITY and Vudu.
    App available? No
  • Can I Stream It This handy website launched this year features a simple search bar. By typing in the name of a movie or show users are presented options from streaming, rental, purchase and even physical services (remember DVD rental?). Results are fed from a number of popular streaming services, you can also create an account and save searches. A mobile app of Can i stream it is also available.[More information..]
    Can I Stream It searches: Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Youtube, Hulu Plus, Amazon, Crackle, Streampix, HitBliss, Epix, Redbox Instant and Snagfilms.
    App available? Yes, available for iPhone, iPod, android and Windows Phone.
  • Go Watch It lets you search for any content but is more geared toward movies than shows. Plus, apart from streaming options  it also takes into account cable and theater availability, as well as DVD releases.[More information..]
    Go Watch It searchesNetflix, Redbox Instant, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Movies On Demand, Snagfilms, Youtube, SundanceNow, Google Play, Xbox Live, WolfeOnDemand and Fandango.
    App available? Yes, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Watch It Stream is another simple search service that also includes users curated lists for a little variety. Also comes with a special Chrome extension to search for media. If you sgn up you can add your own lists for others to enjoy.[More information..]
    Watch It Stream searches: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant, Vudu,and  iTunes.
    App available? No
  • Jinni – Describes itself as a  taste engine and concentrates on marathon film viewing by suggesting lists of movies that all have a connection to your tastes. Recommendations are made based on your taste profile. It also lists online availability of your chosen selections for both streaming and physical rental.[More information..]
    Jinni searchesNetflix,  Amazon, iTunes, Blockbuster, LoveFilm,
    App available? No
  • Instant Watcher – A popular website for Netflix users that grabs the all the streaming titles from the instant library. Best used whilst you are logged into your Netflix account and offering many ways to search and filter the content, and all results have a play or queue link along with additional information.[More information..]
    Instant Watcher searchesNetflix.
    App available? Yes available for Android
  • Fan TV – Also known as fanhattan, this website and iOS app works as a title aggregator. You search for a title, get lots of information and artwork, then the service searches for the title from 29 providers.[More information..]
    Fan TV searchesNetflix, Amazon, iTunes, HBO, Hulu, Cinemax, Fandango, Xfinity, Crackle, YouTube, NBC, The CW, ABC, ABC Family, PBS, Lifetime, truTV, CBS, Comedy Central, Syfy, Nickelodeon, USA, MTV, Fox, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Vudu, Blockbuster Video, Playstation Network.
    App available? Yes available for iPhone,iPad
  • AllMovie – Good movie recommendation website that offers online and offline providers as well as  information about the films. Search by genre, actor etc. The website also offers reviews and showtimes as well.[More information..]
    AllMovie searchesNetflix, iTunes, Blockbuster, Best Buy.
    App available? No
  • Flickathon – Calls itself a social movie recommendation engine. The inspiration came from a task that movie lovers regulalry do. Watch marathon sessions of films. When you choose a film, many more will get recommended and you can create your own marathon lists.[More information..]
    Flickathon searchesNetflix, Amazon, iTunes.
    App available? No
  • Foundd – A recommendation engine that finds movies for you based on your individual taste. Users can sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or email; intelligently learns your taste and from others with similar tastes to continually improve suggestions; not limited to just movies; easy to maintain watchlist for you or a group; can save filters or searches; very easy ratings interface; iTunes app available.[More information..]
    Foundd searchesNetflix, iTunes.
    App available? Yes available for iPhone, iPad.
  • GetGlue – A social engine of TV and moovies. Think of Facebook just for TV where you can create a personalized feed based on your interests, chat with friends and let people know what you are watching right now.[More information..]
    GetGlue searches: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, HBO GO, CBS, FOX, FX, AMC.
    App available? Yes available on iPad, iPhone.
  • WhichFlicks – A website that helps you find which movie to watch. You can use a set of complex filters such as Ratings, Date, Genre, Appropriate Audience, and Cast to narrow down the search. Then you can see various sources for availability.[More information..]
    WhichFlicks searches: Netflix, Metacritic, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Redbox.
    App available? No
  • – This website finds your chosen TV series (they also have a movies section) and deliver results of where you can watch it instantly. Options to choose your Country are also included.[More information..]  searchesNetflix, iTunes, Hulu
    App available? No
  • Zinc.TV Another site that makes it easier to watch TV online. Zinc.TV claims to have cataloged and have links to over 825,000 online videos. The service has a play button that links out to sources such as Netflix and Amazon Video, where you can rent or purchase the video and also links to free sources.[More information..]
    Zinc.TV searches: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Go, CBS, Vudu, Crackle, ABC, Fox, ABC Family, TBS, TNT, A&E, Adult Swim, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CNET, Comedy Central, CW, Discovery, Food Network,  SyFy, Spike, VH1
    App available? No

As you can see, compiling media information and suppliers in one place is big business even though no one site has quite perfected it yet, you can see the potential is there when someone gets it right. Having the ability to quickly search a range of online streaming websites from Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, HBO, Crackle amongst others for digital or physical deliveryat the best price is very useful.

But with the streaming companies playing hardball and not giving third party developers full access to their API’s (Netflix are even shutting there API down), and with content deals starting and finishing all the time, the information is never thoroughly up to date. But these websites and apps do make life easier. Check out our streaming aggregators directory so you can always keep up to date with any new providers.

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