Stephen Fry Joins CBS Super Clyde Project

The unorthodox superhero comedy pilot on CBS, Super Clyde, is continuing its distinctly English feel, as joining Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) on the trial episode will be popular presenter and comedian Stephen Fry.

stephen_fryThe decision to appoint the QI and Gadget Man star to a rare position on a scripted TV series will no doubt give the pilot a boost in interest from his legions of Twitter followers, and the well-spoken TV host will not be out of his comfort zone in the role, being appointed to portray the titular character’s butler ‘Randolph’.

The series, created by Greg Garcia (My Name Is Earl, Raising Hope) will follow the story of fast food worker ‘Clyde’ (Grint) who after receiving a $100,000-a-month inheritance from an eccentric long-dead uncle decides to put his money towards helping people in the role of a superhero.

The lead character is described as a “well-meaning and sweet yet slightly neurotic guy who never feels like he really fits in,” but presumably the likelihood of also being termed as an ‘avenger of the night’ will be increased even more now that he has his own ‘Alfred’ to hand.

A further rumour for the pilot project so far is that Tyler Labine (Animal Practice) will feature as the older brother of Clyde, though the only confirmed participants (and roles) so far are the ones being played by the unusual combination of Grint and Fry.

The partnership will undoubtedly give Super Clyde a leg-up to a cult following in England, but it needs to get past the network executives of CBS in America before such potential can be realised…

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