Squrl Adds Live Streaming Feature In App Update

Squrl, known to iOS users as a powerful video searching app, has updated the platform to now include live video-streaming capabilities. Users of iPad’s and iPhone’s can now watch live streaming video alongside their favorite video clips from the net. The lineup of live feeds includes content from Huffington Post Live, Press TV and This Week in Tech from Twit Live.

Squrl app adds live TV

Users will find the live video channels under the “Live” tab within the apps main menu. Other networks that are part of the “Live” tab include Bloomberg TV and Russia Today along with popular favorites like NASA TV, The Young Turks Live, and Al Jazeera. The new feature adds to Squrl’s already personalized experience.

The Live streaming tab will be further customized by featuring hand-curated content which will include coverage of breaking news events. Last month, while the Live feature was still in beta, the app provided users with access to live video streams of Hurricane Sandy coverage. The content was provided by New York’s News 4. During the Presidential election, Squrl’s Live page featured content from ABC, CBS and the Wall Street Journal.

Due to Squrl’s deep personalization features, which allow users to search for content with genre-interest category system, the app has a high average session time. Most users use the app for upwards of an hour, as they consume content that they are interested in due to the apps systematic way of presenting content to the user.

In addition to having genre categories, like Comedy, Entertainment, and Technology, the app also pulls content from a variety of sources. A “What’s Hot” channel gives users a chance to see video clips as they begin to go viral–and now with the new “Live” channel feature, Squrl is one step closer to creating the quintessential iOS video-streaming app.

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