Spotify Reveal Expansion To All Mobile Devices

Music streaming platform Spotify have revealed a move that should sufficiently enhance their userbase in terms of numbers – as they removed the paywall of their mobile music streaming service for the first time in their history.

spotify_daniel_ekThe platform, previously only free for users on desktop, have revealed a similar ad-supported playback function for iOS and Android-based tablets and smartphones, in which ‘freemium’ mobile device users will now be able to stream their ‘shuffled playlists’ through the products complete with audio adverts spaced between songs.

It is noted that subscribers will be able to choose from their own playlists (which include smart recommendations from the system), random shuffles of music from an individual artist’s back catalogue, whilst also offering readily-curated ‘specific situation’ playlists, designed for tasks such as a gym visit or a commute.

Spotify’s founder/CEO Daniel Ek summarised: “Today we’re giving people the best free music experience in the history of the smartphone and the tablet. Whether you’re going to the gym, or having a party with friends, just sit back and let Spotify serve you great music for every moment of your life.”

While there are still some platforms on which Spotify will not yet be offered with a free alternative (with many smart TV apps instead currently limited to the non-commercial premium subscription, will the mobile device changes be a start of a unified format across all Spotify supporters for a greater variety of service? For musicians, the recently-revealed ‘$0.006 per play’ rate paid to them by Spotify could be the source of a little more windfall where they are concerned…


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