Spike TV and Lloyds Offer Bounty For Bigfoot In New Reality Show

While offering rewards for the capture of living creatures would be seen by some as an outdated idea, American network Spike TV are offering a twist on the offer of a bounty, as they claim to be putting up a $10m (£6.25m) prize for anyone who can catch the famed mythical humanoid ‘Bigfoot’ for them.

Working with ‘international insurance market’ Lloyd’s of London, the huge prize is being offered to lure would-be explorers to feature on planned new show 10 Million-Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, set to air in 2013.

The episodes of the show will each feature a different team of ‘hunters’ who travel to a remote area of America, applying their unique methods to attempt to catch the creature. While Animal Planet already have produced a similar show entitled Finding Bigfoot, Spike TV claim that their format is unique due to the ‘cash incentive’ being offered.

Spike TV’s senior vice-president Tim Duffy said of the potential differences: “If this series idea had come in without that Lloyd’s of London mark attached to it, I don’t think we would have taken it seriously, but that’s no small chunk of change. What it signified to us was an opportunity to attract the best scientists, zoologists, trackers and Bigfoot hunters in the world in an attempt to prove or disprove its existence.”

While the episodes will undoubtedly feature many people who claim to have seen Bigfoot before, it is unlikely that this new show will be able to provide much more of a breakthough in the elusive search, or will the $10m prize on offer see people manage to achieve a goal which no-one has managed up to this point?

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