South Park Game Gets New Trailer At Spike Awards

While fans looking forward to upcoming TV series-based video game South Park: The Stick of Truth recently had to add two months to their waiting time, the game has revealed some new content to look over for the time being, with the release of a second trailer during the recent 10th annual ‘Spike TV Video Game Awards’ in Culver City (USA), an event hosted by actor Samuel L. Jackson that included multi-award winning success for downloadable title The Walking Dead: The Game as ‘Studio of the Year’, ‘Best Video Game Adaptation’, ‘Best Downloadable Game’, and the overall ‘Game of the Year’ title.

The new South Park footage features more elements of gameplay and the storyline alongside hints of several references to the show’s past that will be included in ‘combat mode’, and reveals some of the RPG ‘character classes’ that will be involved, including Grand Wizard, ‘Princess’, and ‘High Jew Elf’.

The game, developed by Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas) alongside South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, will see players take control of a customisable ‘new kid’, who becomes part of the local ‘live-action role playing game’ that escalates into a much more serious adventure.

The release date is currently unconfirmed, but based on the delay from its previous 5 March 2013 slot, the game is likely to hit shelves in early-mid May 2013, which would give it a tactical release of just after the first half of the Comedy Central animated comedy’s 17th season has been completed.

The new trailer for the game (which along with humour appears to have been made with the intent to match the very best of the ‘epic’ game previews), along with a lengthy ‘breakdown’ by gaming website IGN, and the previous trailer revealed at the E3 2012 show earlier this year, can be viewed below:

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