South Park Episodes To Feature Cut Game Plot Points

As the still-dubious ‘Q4 2013′ release date of Ubisoft/Obisidian video game South Park: The Stick of Truth edges closer to its eventual roll-out, more information was revealed on the title that might come more along the lines of ‘what might have been’ rather than what will happen in the RPG title.

south_park_stick_of_truth_jesusSpeaking on the first day of Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego (USA), Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the game and the animated comedy series it is based on, revealed the extent that their project was intended to cover before they were met with the realities of video game development.

While it would seem as though a game specifically made to mimic the self-described ‘crappy animation style’ that the long-running series is known for could host a near-infinite level of content on powerful current-generation systems, this does not appear to be the case, after developers told Parker that his original ‘850-page script’ for The Stick of Truth had to be cut to a more reasonable length.

After a joking suggestion that they were only at the event to talk about a sequel to the movie BASEketball, it was claimed that when the title’s initial version (which contained ‘just about every character and story’ in the history of South Park) was handed to Obsidian Entertainment developers, they were met with an estimated release date of “holiday season 2032″ based on those ideas.

After being told to ‘cut it down, cut it down, cut it down’, Parker noted that: “…everyone kept saying to us [make that extra content] DLC,” and after hearing the crowd booing, he bluntly added: “…and I agree… fuck that.”

Adding that the ideas cut from the game will find their place (strongly hinting that new episodes of the Comedy Central show will recieve the ideas, though another new game has been rumoured), Parker stated: “Somehow or another, this shit will get out there. We did have this whole delusion of actually incorporating the game into the season. We really just wanted it to be that you could pick it up anywhere and it would kind of make sense.”

Asked on their influences behind the title, Stone name-checked titles such as Paper Mario and The Legend of Zelda, while Parker added: “Crash Bandicoot 2. Actually, what inspired the game was much more lofty than what we could pull off. One thing that inspired us was Earthbound.  Something about being a little kid in a house with his mom, it starts off feeling very real and relatable…and then bigger and bigger things start to happen. I [also] really loved playing Skyrim, as many people did. I was like ‘Let’s do this [a game with an ‘expansive world and character set’]. This is easy’.”

Recalling their experiences of when original publishers THQ became bankrupt, the pair joked: “Oh, good, it’s over!”

On a more serious note, Parker summarised: “We really just read about it in the news. That they were going bankrupt, that someone else bought [the rights to] the game. Once we heard who had bought it, we got really excited. We flew up to [Ubisoft] and all that momentum picked up and we got really excited again.”

Although that excitement will soon be held off until release as they return ‘in one or two weeks’ to focusing their production efforts on the main show (a new season which they note will include Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live, Superbad) as a full-time writer), will they have done enough to ensure South Park: The Stick of Truth is a memorable game despite what might be ‘missing’?

Amongst the other observations made during their press conference (including that classic character ‘Chef’ will appear in The Stick of Truth), a localised suggestion was made that a song from the show, “Jackin’ it in San Diego”, should become ‘the official anthem of Comic-Con’. In lieu of that song’s ‘music video’ being featured on here, though, a slightly less ‘relevent’ number which Parker is claimed to have performed during the interview on Thursday can be enjoyed below:

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