Sony Take A Slice Of Pie With New Android OS Rumours

Continuing their trend of naming operating systems after sweet-tasting foods, Google have revealed a likely ‘Android 5.0′ mobile operating system that is expected to take on the name of ‘Key Lime Pie’.

Following on in the footsteps of a codenaming pattern which has existed since version 1.5, an archive featuring ‘Cupcake’, ‘Donut’, ‘Eclair’, ‘Froyo’, ‘Gingerbread’, ‘Honeycomb’, ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’, and the latest ‘Jelly Bean’ version (4.2) will now be joined by ‘Key Lime Pie’, named after the dessert which has its origins in the southernmost American city of Key West.

With further rumours surrounding the operating system’s launch (and a previous track record of Google choosing a smartphone maker as a ‘launch partner’ for their latest version), it is reportedly claimed that a new Sony smartphone will be the first device to take on the citrus-titled power.

By making the step up to version 5, users will be expecting more improvement from Android with Key Lime Pie, and are likely to see it first on a ‘Sony LT30i’ smartphone device, rumoured for a release in the new year with Android 5.0, according to recent industry rumours.

Sony’s mobile division marketing chief, Dennis van Schie, last week confirmed his company’s plans to launch another handset in their ‘Sony Android’ range as a competitor to Apple, with a likely reveal at the annual Consumer Electronics Show event in January.

Their status as the first phone to feature some Key Lime Pie will be one that will give Sony an added boost if the proposal goes ahead as rumoured, but the obvious pattern emerging from Android (sweet food in alphabetical order) creates a much more fun game for industry analysts, predicting what the next codename will be, which in this case is obviously going to begin with ‘L’. File a guess in from this website for ‘Lemon Curd’…

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