Sony Rumored To Be Developing Streaming TV Service

Looks like Intel is not the only company looking towards developing their own streaming television service. Now rumors are suggesting that Japanese-owned Sony is looking to do the very same thing, and purportedly, is in talks with several content companies and networks for channel licensing. The multichannel television service could debut sometime in 2013.

sony-tvOf course, such a service would put Sony into direct competition with just about everyone these days as they would now have to do battle with both satellite and cable TV operators. Besides those juggernauts they would also face stiff competition from tech companies like the aforementioned Intel, Google, Apple, Netflix and Amazon.

In November of 2011 rumors first surfaced that Sony was working on an method to distribute television programming through an internet-connected television set–the ultimate alternative to cable. However, while that idea was still in the planning stages at the time, analysts now believe Sony is working on something larger and far more advanced than they were in 2011.

Sony does have the built-in hardware advantage that other companies do not as they sell Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and internet connected television sets under the Bravia brand. On paper the idea is a sure winner, especially once you consider that Sony actually owns several television networks including the Game Show Network and Video and Music Unlimited, as well as many television production units.

Sony declined to comment on the matter, citing that they do not comment on rumors or speculation, but future announcements could come as early as CES next week.

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