Sony Hint At Smartwatch Reveal

Aside from where it is a certainty in all but name, major technology companies will often try to downplay rumours that a new product or service could be revealed at an upcoming event through fear of spoiling the surprise element, but it seems as though Japanese giants Sony have no such qualms, after they effectively confirmed that their new smartwatch product will be shown to the world at next week’s Mobile Asia Expo.

sony_smartwatch_mae13_promoThe 3-day event in Shanghai (China) will offer a glimpse at many new and existing products from across Asia and beyond, but if the self-caused rumours are confirmed to be true, then Sony could have the headline device at the convention, becoming one of the few companies to publicly reveal a working prototype of their watch, and ahead of long-anticipated market pioneers Apple.

The pre-reveal has occurred through a number of unsubtle hints being dropped by the company through their Twitter, the main one being an image (pictured) clearly displaying a watch on one of the silhouettes, complete with the statistics that suggest ‘1 in 3 smartphone users want smart wrist wear’. That image also included the less-than-cryptic hashtags ‘#itstime’, and ‘#MAE13′, in case anyone was still doubtful of their plans.

Additional clues released by Sony alluded to their history in wearable technology, with an old picture of their Walkman portable music player captioned with the tweet: “Wearable tech is in our DNA. Remember WALKMAN, now..?”

Amongst other tweets made that day (20 June), Sony wrote through their Xperia account: “We launched the world’s first ‘smart’ watch in 2007 #itstime  #MAE13,” with another message mentioning: “The only wearable device with 200 #firstgen apps on @GooglePlay and growing…#itstime #MAE13″

The ‘2007’ comment alludes to their attempt at a watch that can ‘link to Android smartphones’ through a Bluetooth connection, but their latest attempt is guaranteed to be a lot more technologically capable, as will any rival products they encounter. With the smartwatch market effectively a blank slate to work with for Sony, will their appearance between 26-28 June set the marker for others to strive for?


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