Sony Create Microscopic Tennis Adverts To Demonstrate Power Of 4K

While it is all well and good for a company to promote their latest innovation as the next big thing, what many consumers want to see is proof that the development is a genuinely unique one that is worthy of their money and interest.

sony_microscopic_tennis_shoeJapanese technology company Sony are well into that school of thought, it seems, with their support of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships carrying an unusual twist to implement such a demonstration.

Although slightly ‘morally questionable’ given the kit traditions enforced at the tournament, Sony are to promote the power of 4K HD (noted as being 4 times the quality of a ‘regular’ HD picture, which itself is claimed to be 6 times better than standard definition (basic mathematics leaves that at ‘SD x24′)) by way of putting their logo on a player in the championships – markings aimed to be in detail levels that only 4K viewers can pick up. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot two examples in the picture to your left.

In a method that Sony describe as ‘microtising’, English player Anne Keothavong has agreed to feature tiny Sony logos on her fingernails, shoelaces, her racquet, the hem of her skirt, and a number in ‘hidden places’ that will essentially make it a game for Sony’s 4K viewers to discover for themselves.

The 29-year-old, who is 418-312 in her career and ranked #215 in the world, said of the innovation she is involved in: “This is a real laugh, I’ve got a lot of friends and family paying attention to the smallest detail.”

With Sony naturally hoping that the 4K ‘Ultra HD’ sets that people buy to watch such detail is their own (the Bravia 65X9 and Bravia 55X9), could their demonstrations at Wimbledon help the technology as a whole gain more recognition? It could be hampered a little by the fact that Wildcard entry Keothavong was eliminated in the first round of the ladies’ singles tournament (although she is still to participate in the ladies’ doubles event), not to mention that she is not the only female tennis player in London (England) this month promoting an advancement in technology:

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