Sony Announce Over 1m North American Sales On PS4 Opening Weekend

It is a phrase which is more at home with the movie industry, but in this case ‘opening weekend’ is fully relevant to the video games market, after the world’s newest console gave the strongest performance in its line’s history.

sony_ps4_meme_boastThe PlayStation 4 from Sony, released worldwide on Friday (15 November) in North America (namely the USA and Canada), is currently racking up early sales totals as would be expected from a new product, with the devices reaching over 1 million units sold during the first 24 hours of the PS4’s release.

The ‘North American’ roll-out is the first market to receive the product, and will be followed by a Europe-wide release by the end of the month (on 29 November), followed by a range of global markets across December, and completing the currently-confirmed schedule with Japan (usually by far the first country to release units due to being the console’s country of origin) on 22 February 2014.

Despite showcasing the fastest-selling console in the history of the PlayStation brand (one which dates back to 1995), the aftermath of the opening weekend for Sony still leaves them with over 150m to go in order to beat their own world-record overall total set by the PlayStation 2, although time will be the main factor in determining the fate of that contest. Another factor, of course, is how good the console actually is in the eyes of critics and consumers, with reviews so far regarded as being mixed, although primarily positive.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s ‘president & group CEO’ Andrew House summarised of the success and of their future plans: “We are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal. Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29.”

With Sony’s early release hurdles now completed, the stage is set for Microsoft (who offered congratulatory messages to their rivals for their roll-out) to attempt to beat the score this weekend with their Xbox One, but will they complete the ‘achievement’, or will Sony lay claim to the ‘trophy’? Let the games begin:


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