Social TV Is Growing, And Is Here To Stay

Social TV, the new buzzword from the television industry in 2012, has grown by leaps and bounds this year. With multiple television networks and individual shows reaching to mobile and tablet devices to further enhance their broadcasts it’s not hard to believe why some would be questioning exactly who did the best job implementing Social TV services and apps this year.

social-tvAccording to Trendrr’s second annual Year End Stats Report for Social TV, NBC is the most social network for 2012, while the Nickelodeon-produced SpongeBob SquarePants is the most social TV show on all of television. Analysts argue NBC had a card up its sleeve as the 2012 Olympics boosted NBC past all other cable and network broadcasters in terms of Social TV and its implementation of apps on a variety of devices.

Accordingly, once you take the Olympics out of the equation FOX and its singing-competition show “The X Factor” bring home all the bacon for 2012, as the social activity-per-episode for the popular reality TV show is off the charts. Wondering which device OS reigned supreme in 2012 when it came to social TV? Without a doubt its Apple’s multitude of iOS devices, including the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod Touch.

Apple beat out main-competitor Android and the now unpopular BlackBerry as the mobile platform most utilized for social TV activity through a variety of apps–like Twitter, Facebook and specialized apps like GetGlue and Viggle. Analysts expect many producers and network executives to be taking a look at the numbers in the coming months and to quickly start implementing their own Social TV initiatives well into 2013.

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