SMOSH YouTube Channel Claims Number One Spot

Have you ever wondered who exactly is YouTube’s most popular user, or channel? Well wonder no more. On Monday the Alloy Digital owned channel SMOSH became the #1 ranked YouTube channel by subscribers, according to VidStatsX, an organization who keeps track of such things. The channel, which is geared towards young adult-focused content has achieved more than 6.8 million subscribers and their videos have surpassed more than 2 billion lifetime views.

smosh-youtubeSMOSH debuted on the popular video sharing site in 2005 and immediately went viral with a Pokemon theme song video that became the number one video on the site just as it launched. “When I met Anthony and Ian six years ago, I was immediately struck by their passion and creativity and energized knowing this would be really big-but no one could have predicted the phenomenal enterprise it has become today,” said Barry Blumberg, Alloy Digital Executive VP and SMOSH President.

Today SMOSH is a powerful five-channel brand that proliferates on YouTube, with their entire network of channels having more than 10 million subscribers. Eight years later the brand truly has a life of its own, spawning several product extensions in the near decade they have been on YouTube. “SMOSH has not only proved its dominance across multiple platforms with a connection to an unmatched fan base, continued Blumberg, “but is also showing formidable marketing muscle with a growing list of advertisers.”

SMOSH reached the number one subscriber spot shortly after claiming second place, and after reaching number one, they are truly one of the largest and most popular digital entertainment brands in the world–and it all started on YouTube.

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