Smart TVs Now Owned By 39% of Consumers. Have Apple Left It Too Late?

Despite the many faults that today’s Smart television sets have, such as clumsy interfaces, non-standard operating systems, and fragmented app availability, viewers are increasing adopting the new technology into their homes.

Apple-ultrahd-4kNew research carried out by media research firm TDG suggests that ownership of dedicated smart TV’s has doubled in the last year to 25%. Of course there are also many other ways to get connected using a games console, set-top box or Blu-ray player.

And if you add those other connected devices into the mix, then the number of consumers owing a connected TV rises to 39%.

The massive growth in connected TV sets shows that consumers want internet and TV. Although some would point out that it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a TV that is NOT connected, which could account for the growth.

The smart TV market is currently dominated by manufacturers LG and Samsung, who are gaining a stranglehold in the market. Although this year could be the year that Apple joins the party, have they left the launch of iTV a little too late?

Business Insider wrote an interesting piece about Apples entry into the phone and tablet business. On both occasions the market was still very new. They launched the iPad when tablets pretty much had zero percent of the PC  market. The iPhone launched when the smartphone had 9% of the mobile phone market.

That means if Apple launched a connected TV, it would be into a market that is now matured with smart TVs having 39% of the market it could be a much bigger risk than if they had launched a year ago.

They do have iTunes and the app store along with UltraHD that would instantly elevate an Apple TV into a must have gadget. But apps are currently programmed for each device with iPhone and iPad getting dedicated coding. Even years after launch, the Apple TV only has around 50 apps available as Apple keep television sets locked out.

But if anyone can transform the market, it will be the mighty Apple. But given that it is becoming a more lucrative market and improvements in operating systems and the growing number of android TV sets around, they had better make sure that 2013 is the year they launch.



  1. cind
    cind May 9, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    Course they havent. If Apple bring out an iTV or iPanel or whatever it will be called it will blow the competition away. Just like with the phone market, they will revolutionize the market.

  2. Bazoom
    Bazoom October 28, 2013 at 5:26 am

    Apple havent left it too late, they will bring out a revolutionary TV product and i cannot wait to buy it.

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