Smart TV From Samsung Delivers IPTV Without Need For Set Top Boxes

Samsung Smart TVs are going to take the IPTV market by storm this year. Smart TVs channel the strength of high speed internet services into a single unit tv experience, and negating the need for costly set top boxes. Are we moving to a future in which connected Televisions are definitely more than likley to replace your collection of set top and under set boxes?

At CES 2011 earlier in the month, Samsung showcased their RVU protocol support for their D6000 selection of Tv sets, which when combined with the new DirecTV RVU server, created a multi room DVR solution with out any requirement for the normal set top boxes.

Samsung are utilizing their Smart TV platform to get rid of set top boxes for IPTV customers. Gaining traction in the Internet connected TV market is a giant milestone. There are currently over 28 million IPTV subscribers worldwide, most coming from Europe, Asia and North America.

Recently, the Xbox 360 system has been enabled to operate as an IPTV set top box in the usa on At&t’s U-verse service by using a Media Room update. Within the last year a similar update has been rumored for Windows Media Center (Vista and Windows 7), but this has never materialized.

If Samsung can enable their Smart TVs to function as IPTV set top boxes on a worldwide scale, this might be an important selling point for their TVs and connected Blu-ray players. Currently Samsung are seeing strong sales for connected tv and are seeing record numbers of apps downloaded onto them.

All the cool home theatre enthusiasts look to reducing clutter as a top priority, as well as reducing the expenses related to buying, renting and maintaining a set top box or two.

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  5. Riley
    Riley February 22, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Yeah there are a lot of people who have TVs, but how does Samsung and DirecTV plan to get a $3000+ Smart TV in houses of people who can barely afford DirecTV services as it is? To add to it, that setup requires a Smart TV for each room that they don’t want a receiver in. I just can’t see the benefit of having that many TVs. I think the Hopper and Joeys from DISH is a better solution. I have been playing with a tester Hopper that we have here at DISH where I work, and I really like it. The Hopper is the main receiver, while the Joeys are smaller boxes that can be easily hidden away behind the TV or in a drawer, and can provide HD channels to their respective TV. It is a Whole-Home DVR, so anything that you record in one room can be controlled in another room. DirecTV does have a good idea with receiver-less TV’s, but at that price, I can’t see the benefit of it, especially when these TV’s are outdated almost as soon as you buy it.

  6. kellywilliams0448
    kellywilliams0448 February 26, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    I cherish the Smart TV technology for all its apps and features. The only one big problem I see from the Smart TV system is the remote control which looks very complex, except that of LG Smart TV system which is simple to handle based on experience.

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