Sky Deutschland Propose Advert Beaming Into Users’ Heads

The title does not show a typo in any way, shape, or form, with German satellite broadcasters Sky Deutschland proposing an advertising technique that would appear to be straight out of science fiction.

sky_go_talking_windowShould the plans go ahead, no longer would German train commuters be able to rest their weary heads on the window in peace like the rest of the world, with the plans from Sky being made alongside advertising agency BBDO, and transmitter manufacturers Audiva, to create the world’s first ‘Talking Windows’.

The technology, which applies a similar technology to the ‘bone conduction audio hardware’ soon to be found in the Google Glass augmented reality glasses (transmitting sound to ‘the inner ear’ by conducting vibrations), will be used to broadcast audio-only adverts ‘directly into the heads’ of the passengers. In a part of the service that will really spook out the uninitiated, the carriage windows containing Audiva transmitters will ‘only be heard’ by the people pressed against the window, meaning that dreary travellers will soon start having voices in their head telling them to ‘download the Sky Go app’… at least until they back away from the glass.

BBDO spokesman Ulf Brychcy summarised: “If our customer Sky Deutschland agrees, we will start with the new medium as quickly as possible. Some people don’t like advertising in general. But this is really a new technology. [It might] not only be used for advertising, but also for music, entertainment, mass transport information, weather reports and so on.”

The broadcasters themselves are said to be deciding on whether or not to go ahead with the innovative yet highly controversial campaign (which would in turn add another charge to the reputation that the Sky name (and by extension, 21st Century Fox and News Corp.) already possess for their ‘commercial activity’), so it is at this point that executives should consider an important life lesson – that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should

While a decision has not been made, this video shows that unfortunately they appear to be serious about trying this:


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