Sky Bring In Acetrax To Assist NOW TV

Satellite broadcaster Sky have revealed their buyout of little-known connected TV ‘on-demand content provider’ Acetrax, as they attemt to tie the move in with the launch of their new ‘NOW TV’ service.

Sky are claiming that the purchase of Acetrax (who were founded in 2006 in Zurich (Switzerland), and currently operate in various markets throughout Europe in 4 languages) will help them to ‘further strengthen relationships with connected device manufacturers and content providers’.

Supplier of content to big-name TV brands such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba, Acetrax believe that their official ‘app’ will have reached ’60m connected devices’ by the year 2015, and going under the wing of a high-profile broadcaster such as Sky will be seen as a great opportunity to help them reach that goal.

A spokesperson for the deal said: “Through the acquisition, Sky will add to its experience and expertise in online video streaming, to help complement its expanding OTT activities, which include Sky Go and the forthcoming NOW TV service. In addition to Acetrax’s existing platform, Sky will also build on the existing relationships the company has established with connected device manufacturers and content providers.”

The move is thought to have been made to link in with Sky’s impending launch of online-only service NOW TV aimed at providing live streams and catch-up content to people who are not subscribers to their flagship satellite TV service. Set to launch on browsers by the end of Q2, Sky seem intent on expanding to other platforms including IPTV, a plan which Acetrax’s experience may help them with.

A Sky statement on the matter read: “The growth of broadband-connected devices is opening up new opportunities to retail our content directly to additional consumers, and this service will sit alongside our current subscription pay TV service and be aimed at the 13 million UK households who do not currently subscribe to pay TV. NOW TV will provide instant access to some of our most popular content with no dish and no contract required, and will be available on a wide range of devices. The service will initially offer access to our movie content but will soon expand to include sport and entertainment, with customers able to pay monthly or on a simple pay-as-you-go-basis. This will be a new way for us to appeal to consumers who love great content but may not want the full Sky service, while offering us another new opportunity for customer growth.”

While it is currently unknown exactly how Sky’s NOW TV and Acetrax will work with eachother, will the pair manage to work together to get the most efficient results for their respective work on online TV?

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