Simon Cowells Food Glorious Food To Be Served By End Of Month

The latest in a long line of Simon Cowell-owned reality contest projects is now on a confirmed schedule, after cookery show Food Glorious Food was confirmed with an air date on Cowell’s network of choice, ITV.

food_glorious_food_judgesThe first episode of Food Glorious Food is due to air on Wednesday 27 February on ITV at 8pm, while further details surrounding the content of the series have also been revealed, for a format that has been described as ‘X Factor for cooking’.

The show will be fronted by Carol Vorderman (a presenter best known for her former long-serving role as a co-host and ‘arithmetic expert’ on Channel 4 daily puzzle game show Countdown), while like with many of TV shows Cowell has had a hand in, contestants will be critiqued by a panel of four judges.

This line-up (pictured with Vorderman) is naturally more gastronomy than glamour, and consists of Lloyd Grossman (former MasterChef presenter), Stacie Stewart (former MasterChef contestant), Tom Parker-Bowles (a food writer), and Anne Harrison (vice-chairwoman of the Women’s Institute (WI)).

The format of the series is to find ‘Britain’s best recipe’, with the judges sampling meals from across the UK, eventually deciding on a winner that will receive a prize of £20,000 and their recipe hitting the shelves of retail chain Marks & Spencer.

Cowell previously said of the idea behind the new series: “I love home cooking, which is one of the reasons I wanted to make this show. No-one can make roast potatoes like my mum and I’m sure lots of people feel the same way about their family recipes. This is not a show for snobs. This is giving someone a chance to have their recipe sold in a Marks & Spencer store.”

While another TV talent show on ITV in prime-time will presumably be a shoo-in for decent ratings, you can’t help but feel the prospects of Food Glorious Food would have been significantly helped if ‘Mr. Nasty’ Simon Cowell had placed himself on the judging panel. ‘I felt like someone had vomited into a sewer and it somehow made its way onto my plate. That was genuinely what your pie tasted like’…


  1. LegoMyLego
    LegoMyLego February 17, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Kelly, thanks for the post.  You might know that there is a similar format that SC seems to have used as his spirit of inspiration rather then his mum.

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